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Strife & Rythian Don't Starve Together by X-Doe
Strife & Rythian Don't Starve Together
I apologize for the lack of color, but, with my complete lack of knowledge of anything that doesn't involve a literal pen and paper, coloring this was the equivalent of walking on water. Anyways, this is a 'quick' piece of fan art for Mr. Strife and Mr. Rythian for their upcoming livestream where they'll play Don't Starve Together. Who knows, maybe if - by some cosmic fate - they'll put this on the livestream. Let me know if that happens; I'll probably be spending the next few days sleeping.
Came to Seattle for Spring Break, and ended up spending a day at Emerald City Comic Con.

Also, Nilesy x Reader - Phantom of the Opera.

It's a comedy.

Everything was absolutely perfect at the Golden Gate Park.

It was midday, the sky was just the right shade of blue - both soft and welcoming without being too bright or too overbearing - decorated with an assortment of clouds from warm and cozy, to fine and soft as lace. It was surprisingly cool for a sunny afternoon in San Francisco, but then again, it was still the beginning of spring. Of course, the flora and fauna seems to disregard the natural laws of the seasons, as a fair amount of plants were already in full bloom, and any birds in sight happily flew through the skies. People walking across the fields or down the paths seemed blissfully content with their lives; families, couples, and individuals alike. Yes, the day was a perfect as naturally possible.

And yet something was amiss.

“I’m not sure, Sips,” Paul sighed, standing in the middle of the stairs leading up to the grandiose greenhouse that was the Conservatory of Flowers, “There’s something about this Adrian guy. Something about him seems off; he just acts a little too friendly,”

Too friendly?” his friend asked, “Like, in a creepy stalker way? Did he follow you guys back to your hotel?

“No,” he answered, “He didn’t follow us or anything… He just seems all happy and friendly around (Name), but when anyone else say anything he just goes quiet,”

Oh, I see where this is going…

Paul arched his brow in confusion, “What’re you talking about?”

Sjin, I’m gonna to ask you a question, and I want you to answer honestly,

“Okay…” He wasn’t sure where the conversation was going, but it was Sips he was talking to.

Are you, or are you not, just possibly… Jealous of this Adrian guy, because you might just be falling in love?

He paused, needing a moment to make sure that he hadn’t misheard, or his phone was broken, or he was suffering some an arbitrary hallucination.

Is that a “yes”?” Sips continued, “I mean, you two’ve been working together a lot more often lately, not to mention you’ve basically been acting like her dad for the past few weeks; Kim and Turps told me about the whole ‘lost’ disaster,

“I’m just concerned. It’s been a hectic few days and things aren’t exactly back to normal,” he laughed, “Not like things were ever normal to begin with,”

There was a beat.

So that’s a “yes”, right?

“Of course not!”

Are you going to make a move?

“What?! I just said-”

At least a kiss, right? Just a little peck. You’re at the Golden Gate Park; I’m sure there’re, like, a million romantic spots where you can kiss. I’d warn you to be sure the others don’t disturb you, but I’ll take care of them. Oh! Make sure you have good breath; there’s no bigger turn-off than kissing with bad breath. Also, don’t get too romantic, you’re at a public park for Christ’s sake. You know, this reminds me of this one time when I was in scho-


Paul stared down at his phone, completely dumbstruck and just a little concerned for his friend’s mental well-being.

“What the fuck was that,” he sighed, still looking down at his phone.

He wasn’t surprised that Sips would start poking fun at him, but that was clearly something quite different. He actually sounded serious, and it worried him; just a little. There was no way Sips genuinely thought he was in love; it just didn’t make any sense. Sure, the two of you worked on a lot of videos together and spent just as much time together outside of Yogtowers, but he spent just as much time with everybody else, right?

“He’s just making a joke,” Paul said to himself, “It was just a joke,”

“What was just a joke?”

At the sound of an all-too-familiar voice, Paul spun on his heel and saw you standing in front of him with a curious smile.

“It’s nothing,” he answered with a smile, “I just got a weird call from Sips,”

“Was he asking if you wanted to watch films of a certain origin and content?” you gave him a slight smirk.

“More or less,”


“Ah, hang on,” he said, taking his phone out of his pocket, “That’s probably Turps asking where we are,”

He clicked on the button and pause when he saw the words printed on his screen.

Sips: Are you going to kiss or not?! >: (


“What’s wrong?” you asked, trying to peer over and steal a glance at his phone.

“Sips again,” he quickly answered, trying his best to hide the message from your view, “Hang on,”

He gave you an apologetic smile before looking down at his phone once more and typed in a hasty response.

Sjin: Seriously, knock it off.

A quick buzz later, and Paul looked at the new message.

Sips: Fine. You want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself

Without another thought, Paul quickly flipped his phone onto “Silent Mode” and shoved his phone back into his pocket.

“I think he’s finally cracked from the pressure of being a dad,” he smiled, “So, where do we want to go next?”

“Well sadly the actual conservatory is closed,” you answered, looking back to the enormous greenhouse, “I guess it’s still too early in the year or something. Either way, we have the entire day to look around and enjoy ourselves, so I’m fine with whatever,”

Paul took a moment to think up the possible sights they could see and places they could go but before he could suggest even one, his phone went off yet again.

“How about we go meet up with Kim and Turps?” he suggested the moment his phone stopped buzzing, “I think they’re at the Tea Garden,”

“Bored of my company already?”

He paused and realize that you were looking up at him with an almost sad smile. Oh no, did he upset you?!

“I din’t mean it like that!” he hastily explained, “I-I just thought it’d be more fun if we were with the others. It’s not that I find your boring-”

“Don’t worry,” you interrupted him with a laugh, changing your sad smile to an amused smirk, “I know what you meant,”

“Ah,” he smiled in relief, “You know, I-”


“Oh,” you game a polite smile as Paul was interrupted by the buzzing of his phone, “You should probably answer it,”

“It better not be Sips,” he sighed, grabbing his phone from his pocket.

He pressed the ‘Answer’ button and held the phone up to his head, hoping for the worst-case scenario.

Hey, Sjin!” Kim’s cheery voice came through the speaker and Paul smiled in relief, “I’m glad I caught you. We was wondering if you guys would like to get some late lunch? Apparently there’s cafe near the lake that seems really nice - it’s pretty cheap, too,

“Who is it?” you asked.

“It’s Kim,” Paul answered, “She wants to know if now’s a good time for lunch”

You pursed your lips together in thought for a moment before giving him a smile, “Sure, sounds like a good idea,”

“Alright then,” he said with a smile, “So, where are you guys?”

We’re at Stowe Lake,” she answered, “You know the massive lake, the one with the island in the middle? Yeah, we’re at the boat house- you can’t miss it!

“Okay, we’ll meet you there,” he quickly ended the call, shoved his phone back in his pocket, and looked up to you with a smile.

“We’d better get going,” you said, taking his hand in yours, “There’s a shuttle that stops right at the street, and it should be able to take us to drop us off near the lake!”

“…A-Alright,” he answered, his voice dying the moment you grabbed his hand. You only gave him a carefree smile before beginning the walk.

The drive to the lake passed quickly with little words, much to Paul’s surprise; he remembered hearing that the busses were rather inefficient and crowded, but when the two of you stepped inside, he found it a comfortable and fast ride. But when the shuttle came to its destination and the two of you eventually reached the boathouse, Paul was surprised to find that both of his friends were nowhere to be found..

“Do you see them anywhere?” he asked.

“Sorry, no; I can’t get a hold of Kim or Turps, either,” you sighed, looking down at your phone.

“They’ve got to be somewhere around here,” he sighed, once again looking over sea of nameless people, but he failed to distinguish any faces.

Paul took out his phone from his pocket yet again and watched the screen come to life; perhaps he could try to call her or Turps and get some answers. But his thoughts were interrupted by a single line of text; a previously unread-message.

Sips: Enjoy the ride.


“What is it?” you asked, just barely able to poke your head over his shoulder and get a good look at the message. You and Paul were so focused on the message, neither of you even noticed the young man approaching.

“Excuse me,” he said, his voice loud and clear above the blended murmurs and conversations surrounding Paul, “Are you Mr. Sjin and Ms. (Name)?”

You both looked at the man in confusion. With a name tag on his shirt and a clipboard in hand, it was clear that he was a member of the staff. However, that didn’t exactly explain how and why he knew your names. Perhaps Kim and Turps mentioned that they were looking for you?

“Um… yes,” Paul finally answered.

“Ah, perfect,” he smiled, “Your boat is ready,”

The both of you paused. Sensing your confusion, the staff member continued.

“We just finished preparing the boat - it should be ready for you,” he motioned his hand over to a rather rustic-looking rowboat tied down to the nearby docks, and Paul laughed in disbelief.

“I think there’s been some sort of misunderstanding,” he said, “We didn’t rent a boat,”

“Yes, I believe your friend paid for the boat, a Ms. Kim Richards, yes? Well I’m afraid the ride’s non-refundable, your friend paid 20 dollars for it and requested that we keep at least one boat prepared for you,”

“Great…” Paul muttered.

“It’d be a shame to waste their money,” you began with a nervous smile, “Especially if they went to all this trouble…”

His attention jumped back and forth between you, the employee, and the boat, before he finally sighed.

“Fine, we’ll take the boat,”

And so, with a looming sense of dread and despair, the three of you headed over to the rowboat and stepped inside. As Paul stepped inside, he felt the boat underneath him sway back and forth, and he felt his stomach lurch forward.

“Don’t worry,” you smiled, quickly taking his hand and helping him into the boat, “We’re tied to the dock right now, so you don’t have to worry about flipping over,”

The man began to list off the various safety precautions and regulations that neither of you were genuinely paying attention to, and at the end he gave you a smile and undid the rope keeping the boat tethered.

“Have a nice ride!” he smiled as he handed Paul a pair of oars and gave the boat a shove.

“Thanks,” Paul sighed, taking the oars in his hands and rowing the boat out into the middle of the water, where he began to slowly paddle down the lake.

“I can’t believe then. Why on earth did they rent us a boat?”

“Don’t feel too bad,” you smiled, “It cost them 20 dollars so that’s probably somewhere around 7 quid,”

“That’s not what I meant. I mean… why did they get us a boat in the first place? Today’s been so weird, even moreso than usual,” he looked up from his paddling and gave you an apologetic smile, “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bother you,”

“Hey,” you said with a carefree smile, “Don’t worry about it. As your friend, I’m obligated to listen to your internal angst and give cheap advice. My current advice: just relax. We’re on vacation; the most you should have to worry about it how much money we’re spending. So stop sighing and pouting - you look relatively more attractive with a smile,”

“Thanks, I guess…” He couldn’t help but chuckle at the last statement, “I just-“

Before he could get another word out, a sharp whine of feedback screeched from the speakers surrounding the area, forcing him to abruptly end the conversation.

Is this thing working? Fantastic…

The voice was soft, so quiet that anyone could’ve easily mistook it for static or simple white noise, but Paul was easily able to recognize that all-too-familiar voice of that all-too-familiar magnificent bastard.


He immediately stopped paddling, just listening as drums and a soft guitar began to play.


More and more instruments began to join in, and more than anything Paul desperately wanted to just jump into the water and swim to the land, but sadly he was trapped with you.


How on earth had Sips managed plan together this crazy scheme? He was almost a little scared to find out.


It official, he was going to die from embarrassment.

There you see her
Sitting there across the way

As the men, women, and children on the lake continued to sail by - simply enjoying their time on the lake, Paul was stuck sitting right in front of you, practically forced to stare at you as the music continued to play.

She don’t got a lot to say
But there’s something about her

Meanwhile, you seemed to be enjoying the lake in absolute silence. Perhaps you wanted to simply enjoy the sadly ironic music?

And you don’t know why
But you’re dying to try

It almost felt as though the music and singers were playing directly beside Paul - a more than disturbing notion.

You wanna kiss the girl

And now, all of Sips’ messages began to make a lot more sense than Paul would've ever preferred. Paul tried his best to give you a friendly smile, but mentally he was slapping himself.

Yes, you want her
Look at her, you know you do

As the song continued to play, Paul noticed that you were constantly looking back and forth between him and quite literally everything else around you. In retrospect, there was something almost endearing about the way you were looking at him, with that smile. Of course, if he actually said that, odds were you would’ve tossed him out of the boat and paddled back to the docks on your own.

Possible she want you too
There is one way to ask her

He smiled at the thought - you were never one for accepting compliments. Every time someone said something nice about you, you seemed to turn a bright red and go quiet; it was adorable. You were too modest for your own good sometimes, not that being modest was a bad thing. Paul simply wondered why you couldn’t accept compliments.

It don’t take a word
Not a single word

“Hey,” you said softly.

Immediately, he stopped rowing yet again and watched as you slowly edged closer to him, with just the tiniest smile on your lips. Panic began to slowly settle as you leaned in. Were you actually going to kiss him? Was he supposed to kiss you first? A million little questions began buzzing about, leaving him absolutely stunned as his mind began to go into overdrive.

Go on and kiss the girl

You laughed and leaned back in your seat, holding a single leaf in your hands.

“You had this in your hair,” you explained with a smile.

He didn’t couldn't decide if he was so relieved, that he was exhausted, or so disappointed, that he was emotionally drained. Either way, he knew that they s wasn't going to end well. 

“Uh… Thanks,”

Sing with me now,”

Sha-la-la-la, my oh my
Looks like the boy’s to shy
Ain’t gonna kiss the girl

Immediately, Paul snapped out of his thoughts and began to focus on rowing, mentally chastising himself. You were his friend, there was no way he could kiss you. No matter how romantic the setting, no matter how sweet the song, he just couldn’t kiss you; no matter how much he wanted to.

Not that he wanted to, right?!

Sha-la-la-la ain’t that say?
Ain’t it a shame, too bad
He gonna miss the girl

Paul eventually stopped rowing, just for a moment to relax his arms, and sighed at the relief.

“Is something wrong?”

“What?” he sat back upright, careful not to rock the boat too much, and gave you a confused look.

“You seem a bit distracted,” you explained, “Like you have a lot on your mind. I just want to know that everything’s alright,”

With a sigh, he let go of the oars letting them rest in the oarlocks, and ran a hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry today isn’t exactly turning out as planned. I mean we could’ve just gone to the conservatory and get some lunch, and now you’re stuck in the middle of the lake,”

He leaned back once again and closed his eyes, hoping for a moment to rest, but the sound of you laughing instantly grabbed his attention yet again.

“Don’t be silly. We’re at this amazing park and it’s a perfect day to just relax and take in the sights,” you turned and gave him a carefree smile, “I’m glad I’m spending the day here with you,”

Was Paul shocked by your words - not entirely. Touched - most definitely.

“Oh,” he began, “Thank you,”

You simply gave him a smile.

Now’s your moment
Floating in a blue lagoon

As the boat continued to travel down the waters, Paul slowly felt all of the day’s previous worries and questions slowly leave his thoughts. You both smiled, simply enjoying each other’s company as the music continued to play.

You looked around and scoffed, “This really is something out of a romantic novel,”

Boy you better do it soon
No time will be better

Paul paused as he considered everything. Boy, girl, waterside, rowboat, the only thing missing was a romantic picnic and starlight and once again he found himself conflicted. Everything around him seemed to be just building up, and as much as he wanted to deny it, a part of him actually wanted to kiss you.

She don’t say a word
And she won’t say a word

“(N-Name)?” he began.

You looked up at him in confusion, “Yes?”

Half of him was screaming to just kiss you, while the other half was screaming to stop before it was too late.

Either way, he was beginning to panic again.

Until you-

Kiss the girl!

You both looked up from each other, and Paul was terrified by what he saw.

You and Paul were just about to pass under a bridge, and standing practically over your heads were Kim and Turps, both of them looking at Paul with eager smiles.

Sha-la-la-la don’t be scared
You got the mood prepared
Go on and kiss the girl

As Paul looked around, he noticed that more and more people began to accumulate on the bridge, all looking at him expectingly. The music began to grow louder and louder, and he was fairly certain that people were beginning to join in the song as well. Despite the song’s lyrics, he was absolutely terrified.

“Oh God,” he groaned, “This can’t be happening…”

“Hey,” you began, placing your hands over his, “What’s wrong?”

Sha-la-la-la don’t stop now
Don’t try to hide it how
You wanna kiss the girl

He looked up at you, his stomach tightening when he saw the concern in your eyes.

“I… I’m sorry,” he said. It felt as though he had to scream over the all of the music and singing, “I just… I just don’t know what to do right now,”

“You don’t have to do anything,” you said with a nervous smile, “You don’t have to listen to them,”

“But maybe I want to!” he yelled.

You froze.

Sha-la-la-la float along
And listen to the song
The song say ‘Kiss the girl’

“What?” you voice was so soft, Paul was amazed that he could hear it over all of the noise surrounding him.

“Maybe I want to kiss you, maybe I don’t… It’s hard to make a decision during an obligatory musical number!”


“I’m sorry!” he continued to ramble, feeling like he was about to break down, “I know I shouldn’t kiss you - we’re supposed to be just friends, but…”

He looked down at your hands and let go.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen…”

Sha-la-la-la music play
Do what the music play
You gotta kiss the girl

Paul felt a warm hand placed on his cheek and he instantly snapped his eyes open.

“It’s alright,” you said.

He watched as you slowly edged closer, your hands returned to his, practically pulling him towards you.

“You can’t really predict falling in love,”

(You got to)
Kiss the girl

Your smile slowly faded as you leaned in. All the while, Paul nervously edged closer to you.

(Why don’t you)
You wanna kiss the girl

His heart was beating so hard, Paul was scared he was going to feel something inside him break. Still, he leaned closer and let a hand raise up to cup your face.

(You gotta)
You gotta kiss the girl

The people around him kept whispering and yelling encouragement as he slowly closed his eyes. Your faces were less than an inch apart.

Go on and
Kiss the girl!

“Sjin…” you whispered, your breath tickling his skin.

“Wait!” Paul instantly opened his eyes and pulled away, “You never call me “Sjin”…”

Everything was dead silent and then…

He opened his eyes.

Suddenly all of the colours and music around him was replaced with starched white sheets and the soft droning of an air conditioner.

Tired and confused, Paul struggled to lift himself off of what he eventually recognized as a bed and into a sitting position. He scanned around the room - his hotel room. There was no music, no boats, no lakes, and no (Name).

Running a hand through his hair, Paul mumbled to himself.

“It was all a dream…?”

Muffled footsteps made their way to the bed beside Paul and he turned when he heard the sound of springs creaking.

“Ah, you’re finally up,” Mark smiled, “I was wondering when you’d wake,”

Paul stared at his friend for what felt like an hour before finally asking.

“What happened?”

Mark smirked, “I guess you had a little too much wine during dinner last night. I thought you were fine - we didn’t have to drag you or anything - but you were out the moment you hit that mattress,”

It was a dream…

So there wasn’t actually a kiss.

Paul groaned and fell back onto the bed.

“What’s the matter?” Mark asked.

“I, uh… I had really weird dream, that’s all,”

His friend simply shrugged, “Yeah, well, you know what they say: a dream is a wish your heart makes,”

Paul opened his eyes and watched as Mark grabbed the remote resting on the bedside table and began scrolling through channels, before grabbing a nearby pillow and tossing right at him.

“Eat shit,”

Sjin x Reader - Kiss the Girl
Fun Fact: I actually wrote up three other different beginnings to this chapter before finally deciding on this one.

Hey, when I troll, I troll big. (Please don't hurt me)

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter; I even added a little Cinderella reference (I went to see the movie and it was pretty good. Maybe I'll add one of the songs later). I apologize for mean troll, but it was jus the perfect opportunity; I'll probably start working on the Ridgedog request from iambraveheart.

The song is "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid by Samuel E. Wright

I've got a lot of reader-insert ideas and progress to make, but I'm not sure where to start.

Tell me what to write.

The Song (Sjin x Reader)
Solitary Confinement (Nilesy x Reader)
A White (Elephant) Christmas (Yogscast x Reader)
Request (Currently only Ridgedog x Reader)
Something New

Tell me what you want, if you're even there.

"What the hell...?"

You pulled out the object in the box and examined it with pure bewilderment. Twisted scraps of metal and shards of glass shined with an orange glow from the lanterns around you, reflecting the light directly into your eyes, making it all the more difficult to identify you newfound present. Circuits, wires, and gears littered every possible side, save for a perfectly flat side - most likely a base - and you had to wonder if they actually served any purpose or were simply there for decoration. It was hard to determine, since it was basically just an array of bits randomly embedded into a small dome of metal.

“So it’s either a random invention,” you mumbled to yourself, “Or it’s modern art…”

Either way, it was something you probably had no use for, but it would certainly make for a nice paperweight if nothing else. Carefully placing your new present back in it’s surprisingly well-wrapped box and scanned your eyes around the tavern. With the party nearing its imminent end, people had already donned on their winter wardrobe and hovered around the pair of doors. However, no one actually stepped outside and everyone was still happily conversing and laughing with each other. Would it be rude to make an abrupt exit now that you’d given and received a gift? Probably, but you didn’t feel like putting up with any more nonsense and needed a good night’s rest.

So, with present snugly tucked under your arm, you made your way through the crowd, down to the cellar, and retrieved your jacket. With mostly everyone already wearing their jackets and whatnot, there were only a few coats hung on the nearby shelves and kegs, making it easy to spot your jacket resting on a nearby hook, quickly wrestle the layer back on, and head up the cellar stairs, just in time to see Parvis and Strife heading out the door.

“Merry Christmas,” the former of the two smiled to you as he followed behind Strife, who just gave a curt nod of acknowledgement. You simply mirrored Strife’s actions and nodded back.

All in all, it wasn’t the most possible worst way to spend your Christmas, but it most definitely wasn’t the best. How anyone could tolerate obnoxious crowds and a smothering pub was beyond your comprehension. You continued to ponder and complain to yourself as you followed behind Ridgedog and stepped outside.

So, naturally, you were caught off guard when you felt someone tap your shoulder.

While you managed to suppress a startled yelp, you obviously flinched before quickly turning on your heel and seeing a familiar spaceman standing in front of you.

“Are you leaving already?” he asked, giving you a smile.

“Yeah,” you shrugged, “It’s late, I’ve got my present, and it’s a bit of a trek to get back home,”

“Oh, you’re base is far from here?”

“Not really,” you explained, “But it’s more difficult with the snow,”

“Well, if you want,” Lewis looked back to his small group of friends lounging about at a nearby table, before facing you once more, “You could always stay at the farm, for the night - that is. There’s food, water, a place to sleep, and it’s perfectly secure,”

The more you studied him, the more obvious it was that Lewis was… leading you into something. His smile was just a bit too eager, and he kept glancing to the table to the left of him. You looked to the table of guests and tried to see what he kept looking at.

“What’s the catch,” you finally asked, not wanting to waste any more time than you had already.

Lewis gave an obviously nervous laugh as he stretched the back of his head, “Um… It’s Duncan. You see, he might have had a bit too much to drink, an-”


“What?” you would’ve been lying if you hadn’t felt a small twinge of satisfaction when Lewis’ originally nervous expression turn into shock, “What do you mean “no”?”

“I’ve seen what he’s like when he’s drunk, and I don’t want to be stuck babysitting him,” you snapped, “I’ve had a pretty lukewarm night and I don’t think dealing with “Drunkan” is going to fix that any time soon,”

“C’mon! He’s too drunk to get home, even with someone else’s help, and I’ve got to take care of Simon. All you have to do is keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself,”

“I’ve got a feeling hurting himself is going to be the least of his problems…”

“Please?” he begged, “I promise I’ll make it up to you however I can,”

You were well aware of the damage Duncan was capable of inflicting when he was sober; you shuddered to imagine what kind of chaos he could cause when he was drunk and void of what little judgement he had left. However, at another glance at the small crowd at their delegated table, you spotted said mad scientist leaning back on the sofa, his trademark goggles askew on his forehead -one lens covering his right eye and the other resting on his bangs - and his jacket lying on the floor at his feet. Though you couldn’t tell due to the distance, you had a feeling he was either asleep or on the verge of passing out. Perhaps, by some cosmic fate, he wouldn’t be as much of a burden as you feared? As you drummed your fingers against the cardboard box holding your present, a glance back to Lewis showed a pair of pleading eyes and hopeful smile.

You sighed, “Just this once, and you owe me!”

“Oh, thank you!” Lewis said, trapping you in a quick hug, forcing the box in your hands to press painfully hard against your stomach, before letting you go and practically dragging you over to the table. Once there, he carefully leaned over to Simon, who was also leaning back with his metal helmet covering his head.

“Simon,” the spaceman began, placing a hand on his friend’s shoulder and gently shaking him back and forth, “C’mon, wake up,”

An irritated grumble was partially muffled by the helmet that Simon eventually lifted from his face.

“Whu… What time is it?”

“It’s almost midnight,” Lewis replied with an amused smile, “C’mon, we’ve got to get back home…,”

“Alright, alright,” He groaned, slowly sitting up in the chair with Lewis’ assistance, “Ugh… I’m so fucking drunk right now,”

“I’m sure you are,” Lewis smiled, slowly helping him out of the chair and across the room. You watched as he helped the stumbling, bumbling Dwarf make it eventually to the entrance of the tavern, at which point the taller of the two looked back to you with a nervous smile.

“Thanks again, for looking after Duncan,” he said. You rolled your eyes, but there was the slightest hint of a smirk curling the corners of your mouth.

“Just get Simon home safely,” you snapped.

Without any more delay, Lewis and Simon slowly stumbled out of the building, leaving you with a still comatose Duncan lying beside you.

Instantly you considered the possibility of simply walking away and leaving Duncan in his drunken stupor, but if he were to wake up still intoxicated… well… the enormous flying demon in the glass cadge behind you was forewarning enough. So, with a heavy sigh, you carefully leaned forward.

After a moment to examine the damage, it was clear that your half-hearted attempt to keep Duncan even the slightest bit sober were - much like the man, himself - wasted. While a set of disheveled blond bangs covered the majority of his face, you could still see that his cheeks and forehead were a bright pink and the beginning of dark rings encircled his half-lidded eyes as they aimlessly glanced around the room.

“Hey, Duncan? Can you hear me?” you grabbed him by the shoulder and shook him back and forth - far less gently than Lewis did with Simon - and watched as he slowly began to respond. A tired mix between a grumble and moan crawled out of his throat as he rubbed his eyes and sat upright.

“Hmn… What?” he looked around the room, partially bloodshot eyes scanning the tavern before settling on you, “Is the party over? Where is everyone?”

“The party ended a little while ago; everybody’s left,”

“Well… what about you?”

“Lewis wanted me to stay back and take care of you,” you answered with a sigh, “I’m supposed to take you to the farm house keep an eye on you while you sober up,”

He scoffed.

“I can take care of myself just fine,” he said, standing up and out of his seat. Of course, he stumbled and flopped back onto the sofa with a soft giggle.

He’s just drunk, you thought to yourself as you placed your present on the table.

“Sure you can,” you mumbled, quickly taking Duncan’s hand and slung his arm over your shoulders. With a quick (and somewhat painless) pull, you managed to bring the drunken technomancer to his uncoordinated feet.

“Will you at least let me help you get to the farm house?”

With a weak noise of disagreement from Duncan, you grabbed your present in your free hand and the two of you slowly shuffled out of the tavern and into the snowy night.

The farm house wasn’t far from the tavern - not even in the slightest - and the gravel pathway leading to it had been mostly cleared of the snow and ice, but that didn’t stop the short trek from being an enormous hassle.

“We’re going to that building over there, right?” asked Duncan, who was pretty much resting his head on your shoulder, as he pointed to the rooftops lying just beyond the now barren vineyards and apiaries.

“Right,” you answered.

“Alright then,” Duncan said, abruptly straightening his posture and removing his arm from your shoulders.

“What do you think you’re doing?” you asked as the blond-haired man beside you took two drunken steps forward.

“I can get there on my own just fine,” he said with a smirk, just as he set foot on a small patch of ice. Unsurprisingly, he instantly slipped and lost his balance, and he would’ve fallen back and hit with the ground if you hadn’t been there to cushion his fall. You reached out with your free hand to steady the both of you - you were still holding onto your present with your left hand - but Duncan still somehow managed to collide the back of his head with your face.

Once the faint ringing in your ears died down, you looked back to Duncan who simply gave a nervous smile. With an irritated sigh, you grabbed Duncan’s hand and continued to the farm house.

“Remember, he’s drunk,” you grumbled.

Thankfully, you got to the farm house without any more interruptions, and you were more than happy to practically drag Duncan up the stairs and toss him onto one of the beds.

“Alright,” you sighed to yourself, “I just have to last the night, and then someone will come by in the morning and keep watch over him if he hasn’t sobered up by then,”

With another sigh, you ran a hand through you hair and looked up at Duncan. He’d fallen asleep the moment he hit the mattress, but it looks like it he was breathing perfectly fine and he wasn’t going to vomit - you hoped. To a complete stranger, he probably looked as innocent as a sleeping child. It wasn’t a a terrible comparison.

“He really is like a little kid sometimes,” you laughed to yourself, “Always causing chaos and grief for others, but he never goes out of his way to hurt people,”

You continued to silently think to yourself, occasionally directing your attention to Duncan, when you finally realized something. While the bottom floor of the house was heated with furnace, the top floor was completely exposed to the elements with enormous holes in the walls rather than closable windows.

“Jesus Christ,” you muttered, noticing just the faintest traces of steam leave your breath, “This place is freezing…”

You quickly rose to your feet and headed downstairs. Surely Sjin or Lewis had some spare blankets or something to board up the ‘windows’. All of the chests you found were void of anything you could use to stop the cool from coming in, but you were able to find a few spare blankets in one of the kitchen cabinets.

“I guess this’ll do,” you sighed, taking the wool blankets and closing the door.

You turned on your heel, and nearly screamed when you saw Duncan standing at the bottom of the stairs.

“Duncan! What’re you doing up? I thought you were sleeping?”

“Thirsty,” he answered, rubbing his eyes. With his wrinkled clothes and ruffled hair, he really did remind you of a child.

“Oh,” you sighed, “I’ll get you a glass. You should probably stay down here anyways; I can start a fire in the furnace,”

“Alright,” Duncan mumbled, dragging out one of the chairs from the kitchen table and unceremoniously dropped himself into the seat. He watched with tired eyes as you placed the blankets beside him before opening another set of cabinets and grabbing a glass.

“Here,” you said, placing the glass right in front of him before turning your attention to the wall of furnaces right next to the table. “How are you feeling?”

“Hungry, tired, and thirsty,” he answered, taking the glass.

“Well you probably shouldn’t be eating anything right now,” you answered, grabbing a few logs resting by the wall, “You’re still pretty drunk,”

Eventually you succeeded in getting a fire started in the very center furnace, and soon enough you could feel the faintest traces of heat make its way into the room. With a few more logs placed around the fire, you turned your attention back to Duncan, who was still sitting in his chair, but this time examining a familiar box.

“Oh,” you smiled as he toyed with the bow, “That’s the present I picked out. What happened to your present anyway?”

“Um… I think I left it in the tavern,” he answered, “I’ll get it in the morning,”

“Okay then,” you said, taking the seat across from him and grabbing your present. You opened the box and place your still unknown present in the middle of the table for him to poke and prod at, but you were surprise when he just stared at it with a lazy smile.

“Do you know what it is?” you asked.

“Of course I do,” he smiled.

“After all, I made it,”

Curious, you watched as he carefully took the object, studying the various parts and sides before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small wind-up key. Was it a wind up toy? A little old-fashioned for a Christmas present. You wanted to ask Duncan where he got a wind-up toy - or maybe he made it - but decided it was probably best to just let him work. Eventually he placed the object back down, but instead of any movement, you could just barely hear the faintest traces of music.

“You made a music box?” you asked.

“Kind of,” he shrugged, “Just watch, okay?”

You wanted to argue, but the smile on Duncan’s face forced you to at least give him a chance. So, you looked at the strange lump resting in front of you.

Lights illuminated, sheets unraveled, and cogs began to turn. Curious and confused, you continued to stare at the music box in front of you, and watched in amazement as it slowly came to life. Metal and glass limbs unfurled themselves from the base and stretched up to the sky, growing and thinning until they roughly the width of a thread. Soon, what was once a crude mass of metal had transformed into a small robot in the shape of a person, moving- no, dancing along the table’s surface. The movements were jerky and brief, but the figure itself still held a sense of grace.

You looked up to Duncan, his face glowing from the fire in the furnace, and gave you a smile. It was… enchanting. The melody of the music box, the snow falling outside, the glow and crackle of the fires - it all seemed to add a certain magic to the air. The same nostalgic kind of magic you got from childhood fairy-tales and shaking snow globes. When the song finally ended the dancing figure bowed and slowly reverted back into its original shape.

“Wow…” was all you could say.

Duncan laughed at your dumbstruck expression before placing the key on the table in front of you.

“There was supposed to be a spare wind-up key in the box, but I guess I accidentally forgot about it,”

“It’s amazing,” you laughed. Curiously, you grabbed the robot and examined it once more. This time, you noticed the cuts, the joints, all of the pieces you’d originally assumed as random which were now all aligned in their proper place. You quickly grabbed the key and placed both belongings back in the box for safekeeping.

You looked back up at Duncan, who still had a grin on his face, and smiled, “Do you think you’ll be able to fall asleep without getting sick,”

“I think so,” he answered.

“Alright then,” you smiled, grabbing the extra blankets and your present. You lead in front of Duncan, up the stairs and to the beds, where you abruptly tossed a blanket onto each bed. You were just about to crawl into bed when you noticed the gaping holes in the walls again and sighed.

“Hang on,” you said, “I’ll be right back,”

Duncan instantly pushed himself onto his elbows as you began to walk away.

“What…?” he asked.

“I need to find something to cover these damn windows,” you sighed, “Honestly, what kind of architect makes a house without any glass windows,”

“Do you have to?” he asked. You failed to notice the growing anxiousness in his voice.

“It’s getting pretty windy out there, and the blankets won’t be enough. Don’t worry, though, I’ll be right back,”

You’d just begun to walk away from the beds, and from Duncan, when you felt a hand grab onto the back of your jacket.

“Wait,” he mumbled, tugging at the fabric.

“Um… What’re you doing?”

“Don’t leave,” he pulled at your coat once again, forcing you to take a few steps back.

“I’ll only be gone for a few minutes,” you said trying to pull your coat out of his grasp.

“So you’re just gonna leave me? Just like everyone else?”

You paused.

“You’re just going to leave like Kim, and Lewis, and Sjin, aren’t you?” he continued, “Don’t leave me all by myself…”

Dammit. He’s still drunk.

“Well then what should I do?” you scoffed, “Because if I don’t so something, we’ll freeze overnight,”

Duncan paused, giving you the perfect opportunity to free your jacket from his grip, and furrow his brow together in thought. You expected him to grumble something and let you go off, so imagine your surprise when he rose to his feet and  made his way to the other side of his bed.

You sighed, “What’re you doing now?”

Duncan just gave you a smug grin as he grabbed the bed and began pushing it. You quickly stepped back and out of the way of the oncoming furniture, and watched as he pushed the two beds right next to each other. He gave you a proud smile as he crawled back into bed and quickly threw the sheets over both mattresses. Meanwhile, all you could do was stand there, dumbstruck and slightly red in the face.

“Oh no!” you laughed, “There is no way I’m sleeping in the same bed with you,”

“Why not?” he laughed.

“Because it’s stupid,” you answered, though you still had a smile on.

“No it’s not!” he said, “Look, we can keep each other warm, you don’t have to go around and cover up the windows, and finally get some sleep. C’mon, please?”

You wanted to scream objections, but by now it was probably two in the morning, pitch black and snowing outside, and you still had to keep an eye on Duncan, who was looking up at you with pleading eyes. With a sigh, you simply repeated the same mantra you’d been repeating all night and made your way to the bed.

“I hope you understand,” you sighed, taking off your coat and shoes, and getting under the covers right beside Duncan, “I’m only doing this because you’re drunk and I have to keep an eye on you,”

He laughed and you turned to see his drunken smile.

“Ya know, you’re a lot nicer than everybody thinks you are,”

“Of course I am,” you sighed with a smirk.

“No, really,” he said, both of you unaware that he was inching closer, “Everybody think’s you’re this cold and nasty businesswoman, but in reality you’re really nice. You’ve taken care of me all night, even though you didn’t have to; that has to mean something,”

“Lewis was begging me,”

“You still could’ve said no,”

“You’re just drunk,” you scoffed with a laugh, turning your back to him.

When you heard the sound of fabric rustling, you’d assumed Duncan was just making himself more comfortable, so of course you nearly screamed when you felt his arms wrap around your waist and his chest flush against your back. He rested his head on your shoulder, and you could feel your heartbeat increase.

“What if I told you I’m not nearly as drunk as you think I am?” he suggested, his breath tickling the shell of your ear. You honestly thought that your pulse was going to rupture an artery or that your stomach was going to snap in two, but you still tried your hardest to sound as cool and unfazed as possible.

“I wouldn’t believe you,” you answered.

You could actually feel Duncan when he laughed, and a part of you wanted to instantly jump out of bed.

“Good-night,” he answered.

When you woke up that morning, the first thing you realized was that you definitely  were not sleeping in the same position as you were during the night. Instead of sleeping with Duncan resting behind you, you seemed to have turned over in your sleep and were now facing said scientist and curled up against him, with his arms still wrapped around your waist. He was still asleep, of course - and therefore unaware of your reddening face - and had a serene look on his face as he quietly breathed in and out. You smirked when you saw that his goggles - while once again askew - were still resting on his head.

“Duncan,” you called out, much more softly than last time, “Time to wake up,”

You watched with a smile as he slowly stirred awake, before he finally opened his eyes and gave you a smile.

“Hungover?” you asked.

“Not really,” he laughed, “Like I said, I didn’t have a lot to drink,”

“Does that mean you could’ve taken care of yourself last night?”

“Probably,” he shrugged, “But it was good to have some nice company,”

You smiled, “So, I guess this means you have to get back home now?”

“I guess, but I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of the day here, with you,”

You couldn’t help but smile at the half-compliment. You were just about to get out of bed when you heard the sound of a creaking floorboard, followed by,


You both instantly looked up from each other, and were shocked to see Lewis and Kim standing at the top of the stairs, eyes wide and faces bright red.

“Sorry!” he shouted, trying to avoid any eye-contact whatsoever, “OhGodI’msosorry! I didn’t mean to walk in on you two; I’ll just leave now!”

“‘Leave now’? What’re you guys talking about…” you muttered, just seconds before realization struck you in the head.

“T-This isn’t what it looks like at all!” you shouted, throwing the covers off your body and grabbing your shoes.

“Nonono!” the Kim screamed as they nervously headed down the stairs, “I don’t need to see that!”

“Guys!” you called back, “W-We weren’t doing anything! We literally just woke up!”

You quickly chased after them, down the stairs and to the kitchen, but by the time you’d gotten to the front door, Lewis was nowhere in sight and Kim was already flying off into the distance. As the latter of the two vanished into the horizon, you sighed and hung your head in dismay.

“Well that was… a thing,” you sighed, listening as Duncan’s footsteps made their way to the kitchen.

“Look on the bright side,” he laughed as he placed a hand on your shoulder.

“What bright side?” you asked.

He smiled and took your hand in his, “We have the entire house all to ourselves, and no one to bother us,”

You smiled at the thought.

“So,” he began, “What do you want to do first?”

You smirked and quickly leaned in and kissed the bridge of his nose.

“I think I’m going to close these windows and make us some coffee,”

Duncan x Reader - It's All Subjective
First off, I'd like to apologize for procrastinating for so long. I realize that a lot of you wanted me to write the Duncan x Reader chatper sooner, but I still put it off for so long. On the bright side, this chapter is roughly 4,000 words long, so you have that to enjoy. Other than that, there's really not a lot t osay about this one. I haven't really written any Duncan x Reader before (though I am working on some Lalnable x Reader drabble at the moment). Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this chapter, please tell me which character you want me to write up next, and I hope to post a new chapter soon. I'll probably try to stick to a once-a-month schedule.

Also! If you want my to write a specific pairing next, please let me know via some sort of line of coherent text.


Prologue: Yogscast x Reader - A White 'Elephant' Christmas
Xephos x Reader - Sweet Anticpation: Xephos x Reader - Sweet Anticipation
Came to Seattle for Spring Break, and ended up spending a day at Emerald City Comic Con.

Also, Nilesy x Reader - Phantom of the Opera.

It's a comedy.


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