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Nilesy Fanart by X-Doe
Nilesy Fanart
Short Version:

I wanted to draw Nilesy as Raoul from Phantom of the Opera because I talked to him about musicals during a livestream.

Long Version:

So a few days ago, I logged onto Twitch just in time to watch Nilesy play some Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. While watching him play, I would occasionally type in a large wall of text covering a little something or other for him to read. The last time I managed to get on Twitch in time for another one of Nilesy's streams, I asked him if he likes musicals. He answered 'Yes', and I noticed that I may or may not have imbedded the thought of musicals into his mind (if his video 'Red Block Tango' was any hint). So, I brought up the topic again, and I asked him if he has a favorite musical. He explained that he rated musicals on 'story/plot' and 'music', and his top musical was a tie between Phantom of the Opera and Blues Brothers. At one point, someone asked if Rythian would make a good 'Phantom', and Nilesy said that he (he, being Nilesy) would make a great Phantom, and while I would pay good money to see Nilesy dressed up as the Phantom, I see him more as a Raoul. Think about it; does Nilesy seem more like a 'mysterious stranger with an edge', or 'childhood sweetheart/friend'? I chose the latter.

That being said, I am a huge fan of Phantom of the Opera (the musical and the original story), and I plan on writing some Reader-Inserts mixing the story and the Yogscast. Enjoy.

When you found out that Singles Awareness Day was a more-or-less legitimate holiday, a little bit of your soul died. Perhaps that marked the beginning of your slow descent.

You didn't know when or where, but as the days passed, you felt your spirits lower a little, day by day. Everyone around you seemed to be just as happy as usual, and every day passed with ease, but that only seemed to make things worse. Seeing everyone so happy while you were positively miserable seemed to leave a bitter feeling in the pit of your gut. It was petty, you admit, but you couldn't help but notice the growing difference between you and... everyone else. Wherever you looked, you saw smiling faces and people walking together, in pairs or groups, and you suddenly felt a chill wash over you. Of course, you were in no position to argue about not having people who care about you, it was them middle of February and just yesterday you finally convinced Paul that he didn't have to keep calling and checking up on you, but there were days when the days dragged and you could never dream long enough.

Today had been another one of those days.

With the loud and obnoxious noise of your alarm clock blaring through your room, you slowly rose up into a slouched over sitting position and turned off the electronic box. Exhaustion and indifference curled themselves around your limbs, pulling at you and urging you to go back to sleep, but you eventually shrugged off the chains and slid out of bed. Some time after getting finding some clothes to wear and getting something to eat, you were in your bathroom, brushing you teeth. After rinsing out your mouth, you raised your head back up and were instantly met with your own reflection.

To say you were ugly was too harsh of a statement. Sure, you didn't have the kind of face people usually saw on makeup commercials or in magazines, but you certainly weren't unattractive by any stretch of the means. The thought was supposed to make you feel better about yourself, but instead it only made you wonder more. You got as much flattering - and sometimes concerning - fan mail as the rest of the Yogscast, but when it came to talking to people face-to-face, no on ever seemed interested in you. Were standards that unbelievably high or was it something else?

Not wanting to dwell on the question for too long, you quickly gathered your belongings and left your house, hoping that the day would pass by quickly and peacefully. Which, as anyone could expect, was the exact opposite of what happened.

You stepped into the building, waving and greeting the people you passed by as you climbed up the stairs, and entered your office with a sigh. Just as you pulled off your coat and tossed your bag to the side of your table, you felt your phone go off, softly buzzing in your pocket. When you pulled it out, you were instantly met with a text message.

Duncan: Ready for Magic Police?

"Ah..." you mumbled to yourself softly. Despite your role as 'Deputy to the Magic Police' - you had gotten a promotion and went from Assistant Deputy to simply Deputy - you had begun to record with them less and less; partly due to issues with conflicting schedules, but mostly because you didn't really feel interested in recording and didn't want to seem to depressing. Duncan or Paul could probably come up with some story to explain your sudden absence from the police station, and they probably have already, but they were getting a little curious about recordings more and more often.

"Just suck it up for today," you sighed to yourself as you typed in a response.

(Name): I just got in my office. I'll join the server as soon as I can.

Quickly silencing your phone, you shoved it back in your pocket before seating yourself at your desk and turning on the computer and monitors. After a bit of fussing, you finally managed to have all of your recording equipment and programs in place and were on the Yogscast Complete server, standing not too far from the Magic Police Station.

"Alright," you spoke into the microphone, "Shall we begin?"

"I'm ready if you guys are," Duncan said.

"Okay then," you heard Paul laugh, "Let's get started, shall we?"

Like a fish plucked from the ocean
Tossed into a foreign stream

While Duncan and Paul seemed to be having a wonderful time flying around, shooting spells, and simply causing mayhem, the entire recording everything seem so out of place. For the sake of a good session, you tried your hardest to come up with witty remarks and silly one-liners, and while it seemed to amuse your two co-workers, you couldn't stop yourself from grimacing at the hallow conversations. It felt like an eternity by the time the three of you finished recording.

"Alright," you said, "I guess that's it for this episode?"

"Yep," Duncan said, "I'll talk to you guys later, alright?"

"Okay then. See you later,"


Always knew that I was different
Often fled into a dream

You sighed and leaned back in your chair, running a hand through your hair in what could only be described as exasperation. Out of place - that was the best way you could explain how you felt - like everything and everyone was following the daily motions, and yet you were off by a single step. Being one of the not-as-popular channels from the Yogscast, you were no stranger to feeling ostracized, but this time it was different. It was as if you had pulled yourself away from the masses and had taken a step back, watching everyone go through their lives. A hopeful part of you argued that you was merely the effects of early-spring weather, that you were simply growing used to more nonexistent sunlight. Of course, that was the same part of you that was struggling to drag you out of bed every morning and help you escape into video games.

I ignored the raging currents
Right against the tide, I swam

Tired of dwelling on your inner turmoils, you sighed and gazed up at the clock hanging above your wall. Ten-to-noon; a little early for lunch, but still a reasonable time, so you quickly put on your jacket, grabbed some money, and left your office. You stepped outside into the chilly streets, and began walking towards your usual cafe, burying yourself deeper into your jacket in some attempt to stay warm and hide yourself.

Of course, you were alone when you made your way into the cafe, but it seemed suitable this time. The people around you paid no attention as you stepped inside; they were too busy with other things, and, once again, you couldn't help but feel out of place. You were just another lone soul enjoying a lunch break; there shouldn't be anything strange about that.

But I floated with the question:

Soon, you found yourself sitting at a lone table with a hot sandwich and cup of hot chocolate. You took a sip, allowing the warmth and taste to comfort you as best as they could, before you began to look about the people in the cafe.

Who will love me as I am?

Another lone soul, you thought to yourself, and finished your lunch with a sigh. On your way back to your office, you had failed to run into the usual group which normally surrounded you with conversations and laughter. Perhaps they went to eat someplace else? It really wasn't you place to ask. You entered the building and climbed up the stairs, the sound of your footsteps bouncing off the walls as you climbed, until you had finally reached the fourth floor and was back in the safety of your office.

Like an odd, exotic creature
On display inside a zoo

You spent the next few hours recording on your own and uploading some new videos. Tired of playing just Minecraft, you scanned through your small library of games before settling on a quick game of Don't Starve; nothing you hadn't already shown your dwindling audience, but you enjoyed the game. You continued to play for a little, constantly switching back between games which failed to grab your attention, before you finally gave up on recording and began editing some of this morning's work.

Hearing children asking questions
Makes me ask some questions too

As you continued to edit footage on one monitor, you were browsing the internet on the one beside it, looking up silly videos and memes to pass the time. While you were busy uploading some footage, you decided to check your accounts for questions and mail.

Why aren't you playing more Minecraft?

Is she and Sjin dating?

How come you've stopped uploading?

Eventually you stopped checking through the mail when the messages began repeating themselves. You sighed and stared at the list of questions in front of you. If you wanted, you could probably make a few posts on Twitter answering your fans, and you genuinely wanted to, but you didn't know how to explain yourself.

Could we bend the laws of nature?
Could a lion love a lamb?

You glanced back at the few lines about you and Paul, and felt your heart sink. The two of you have been through so much together, and yet he still felt so far away. A part of you still hoped that he'd magically fall in love with you and the two of you could live happily ever after. It was the same part of you that hoped for better tomorrows and easier mornings. It was the same part of you that smiled whenever you had to do recording and spoke with the most genuine happiness you could conjure.

Who could see beyond this surface?

If that part of you didn't exist, would you be better off than you were now? What would happen if was no mask? Nobody would want that. They want the smiling and always funny Youtuber.

Who will love me as I am?

Sighing, you pushed yourself away from your desk, giving your chair a quick spin.

Who will ever call to say 'I love you'?
Send me flowers or a telegram?

At the risk of falling asleep, you closed your eyes and began to daydream. Dream that you were actually the person people imagined behind the screen. You dreamt that you would step into a not-empty house and right into a pair of loving arms. Why couldn't you be with someone? Where was the single rose and the after-work calls, just to see that you were doing alright? You weren't desperate, but you simply had to wonder to yourself. Maybe he didn't actually exist; true love never does.

Who could proudly stand beside me?
Who will love me as I am?

Then again, it's not like anyone would love the you - the normal you. The quiet little mouse locked up in her office who simply nodded her head and laughed whenever something funny was supposed to happen. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you knew that you were being too hard on yourself once again, but that was just part of who you were, right?

Like a clown whose tears bring laughter
Trapped inside the center ring

The self-pitying, yearning, hopeless romantic. Who could ever been attracted to that? No one, which was why you simply had to put on a show for the rest of the world every time you started up your computers. Smiling and killing yourself over and over again at the expense of your own self-worth. Maybe, if you weren't part of the Yogscast, you could be more honest with the people who watched you. But, the Yogscast was big, and people wanted to see fun. So you gave them 'fun'.

Even seeing smiling faces
I am lonely pondering

Nobody else seemed to notice there was anything wrong with you. Everyone you looked at seemed to be happily wrapped up in their own matters. You were happy to see that everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves with whatever was going on, but it still left you feeling small and ignored. So here you were, sitting in your office, trying to find you way through this emotional wreck.

Who would want to join this madness?
Who would change my monogram?

Of course, people asked if you were alright or if you needed anything, but it was so easy to simply smile and say 'I'm fine'. There was no need to inconvenience other people with your own social issues. As you continued to think to yourself silently, you slowly realized just how lonely you actually were. Beyond the Yogscast, you didn't really talk to anyone anymore. Sure, you knew other people in the gaming and Youtube circles, but never anyone you considered yourself close with. And now that you began to distance yourself from your only circle of friends, there was no one left.

Who will be part of my circus?
Who will love me as I am?

You slowly brought your knees up to your chest and felt your stomach tighten. In the privacy of your locked office, you buried your face in your arms and let yourself silently come undone.

Who will ever call to say 'I love you'?
Send me flowers or a telegram?

You didn't burst out into a sobbing mess - miraculous as it was - but a part of you wanted to. All of the sadness and loneliness was crashing down on you, and you just wanted to curl up into the smallest ball possible. You wanted someone, anybody, to wrap their arms around you and comfort you. And not just like a close friend or a family member. The Yogscast was family, you couldn't deny that, but it wasn't the same as having someone want you- no, having someone need you.

Who could proudly stand beside me?
Who will love me as I am?

Wiping away the small traces of tears, you cleared your throat and looked around your office. Little mementos and toys were arranged on the shelves beside the door - you had finally got around to assembling them a little over a week ago - and noticed a familiar little plastic figurine. You smiled weakly as you turned away from the shelves and thought to yourself. As much as Paul cared for you, and you likewise, you knew that he, along with the rest of the Yogscast was family. Nothing less, and nothing more. You were grateful to belong to such a close-knit group, but there are times when even family isn't enough. Was it selfish of you? Maybe, but you didn't care.

With a sigh, you rose up from your seat and grabbed your belongings. It was still early in the day, but you'd simply have to tell someone that you weren't feeling well - which clearly wasn't a lie. You headed out of the office and began walking down the hallway, waving goodbye to the few people who noticed that you were leaving. Soon, you were back outside, the sting of the cold cutting against your face.

Who could proudly stand beside me?
Who will love me as I am?

As you walked away from the building, down the streets, and back to your house, you still kept wondering and lamenting to yourself. After trying and failing to keep yourself entertained with games and TV, you finally decided to simply go to bed early. You quickly changed into some more comfortable clothes and curled up under the covers in your room, slowly closing your eyes.


Your phone's screen seemed to light up the entire room, abruptly ripping you away from your dreams. With a sigh, you grabbed the phone resting beside your bed and checked the screen.

Turps: You left early, is everything alright?


(Name): Not feeling well. Physically and emotionally.

Turps: Sorry to hear that. Look on the bright side, soon you'll be in San Francisco.

You smiled at the thought.

(Name): Yeah. Soon.

Sjin x Reader - Who Will Love Me As I Am?
This chapter, much like the last one, doesn't have a lot in terms of plot or events, but I needed to set the mood for what's to come - and I thought it would be weird if we suddenly jumped from mid February to early March. The next chapter will probably be GDC. Enjoy.
The Cynical Businessman by X-Doe
The Cynical Businessman
A drawing I made as a response to a tweet W_Strife made about Don't Starve a few days ago.

How could this have happened?

Tired eyes stared up at the single light illuminating your cell, the soft buzzing of electricity the only thing you could hear apart from the frustrated voices in your head. Slowly, you raised your hand up above you, eclipsing the light hanging above your head, and began to trace the patters with your eyes once again. Purple spirals and twists imbedded themselves into your skin, starting right below your shoulder and slowly crawling up to your arm, and finally reaching the tips of your fingers - your purple, glowing, pulsating fingers.

It's been a week since you've been here?

Metal bed springs creaked as you shifted on your bed in hopes of find at least some comfortable position to fall asleep in, though you eventually gave up after turning and rolling around for the thirteenth time. In all fairness, it was still relatively early in the day - at least it felt early - but you couldn't be for sure; there weren't any windows to the outside world, and the nearest clock was on the other side of your cell door, across the room. As a matter of fact, the only windows you could see through were the giant glass windows that made up for three of the walls surrounding you with the fourth wall hiding a bathroom; you almost impaled Sips when you saw your new 'home', but Sjin quickly explained that each prisoner was provided an individual, albeit cramped, washroom behind the back wall.

But you were so careful...

Then again, you wouldn't be in a prison cell in the first place if not for a multitude of reasons - the Cheat Police's 'Justice System', Duncan and Kim's inability to help, the presumptuous soon-to-be corpse who reported you to Sips and Sjin, and even your own human error - but in the end, it didn't matter. Kim had to fall into a sphere full of flux and it took one-hundred days for the taint to affect her, whereas you simply had to accidentally spilled a small puddle of liquid flux onto your gloves and wait two and a half weeks for purple spirals to start forming on your fingertips - you had to assume that the taint's rate of infection was dependent on the concentration of flux along with the host's immune system - industrial work gloves, bleached lab coats, and face masks be damned. One quick teleport to Duncan and Kim's base proved to be a waste of time when you bounded up the stairs to their front door, and Kim quickly explained that she and Duncan were too busy with other matters to help you.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So, after teleporting back home, you had begun a rapid search for some sort of cure for the taint, collecting various samples, jotting down all of your finds, testing experiments. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and you grew more and more frantic, re-reading notes and observing your experiments over and over again. Morning, afternoon, evening, and night blurred into a mass of wasted time as you drowned in research notes, only eating and sleeping in small increments. Sometimes you would be studying your notes during midday, and then open your eyes a second later to see that the sun was setting in the distance, not that you really cared; with the taint slowly making progress up your arm, you had begun to experience changes. 'Changes' was the only way you could describe it. Voices echoing down empty hallways, fleeting shadows hiding just beyond your vision, nightmares flooding your mind every time you tried to fall asleep; paranoia had wrapped itself around you, draining you of any rationality, until you finally locked yourself away in your laboratory with little more than a shelf of jars and a stack of barely readable notes. By the time Sips and Sjin came around to your isolated base, you were too tired and too hungry to even bother arguing with them.

That was days ago, and now that you'd regained enough energy to think clearly, you realized the grimness of your situation.

Of course, they provided you with the barest necessities, though the food was mostly chili peppers, but besides that you were completely alone. Never once were you ever allowed to leave your cell, and the two men would only stop by once a day to provide you with more food, more water, and more insults. Nobody ever visited you, you were never given any means of entertainment, and, to make matters worse, you were still fluxed. Which was going to kill you first: malnutrition or the taint? Honestly, you didn't really care anymore.

For once in your life, you were genuinely alone. Back at your base, there was always a chance that you could talk to someone, but now you were in a lonely cell, miles underground, and no one even knew you were there. Isolation was always a part of who you were, but you never thought it would come to such an extreme, and you weren't sure whether it was a good or bad thing.

Suddenly, your lamenting was interrupted by the familiar sound of footsteps.

"Hey!" you heard Sips call out, "We brought you a present!"

Curious and confused, you slid off of your bed and approached the glass walls, pressing your face against the front wall in an attempt to see what was going on. Upon first glance, you could only recognize Sips with Sjin following behind him, but as they continued walking towards your cell, you realized that there was someone standing in between them.

Black hair, green shirt and tie, faded brown trousers, and a pair of thick, black glasses.

Nilesy nearly walked right into Sips when he and Sjin came to an abrupt stop right in front of your cell, though his confused expression turned into pure bewilderment when he saw you standing behind a wall of glass.

"What're you looking at?" Sips smirked, "Did you think some knight in shinning armor was coming to save you or something?"

Realizing that you were still standing right in front of the glass wall, you quickly stepped away and looked at the three men in front of you.

"Yeah, that's what I thought," he gave a nonchalant shrug before turning to Nilesy, "Caught this joker using teleportation, which, as you know, is extremely illegal, so we had to make an arrest. She didn't put up much of a fight though. Guess that's what happens to people with a guilty conscience,"

He continued to ramble on and on to no one in particular while Nilesy constantly jumped his gaze from Sips to Sjin, from Sjin to you, and from you back to Sips. Meanwhile, you simply rolled your eyes and scoffed. Could physics allowed it, you would've smashed your hand right through the reinforced glass and punched Sips right in the face. Sadly, all you could do was stand there, silently plotting all of the possible ways you could escape and exact a swift revenge on the two men.

While Sjin and Sips began to talk back and forth between each other, you glanced to the third man who looked absolutely terrified. Curiosity overcame you as you began to wonder what Nilesy was doing, or rather, what he wasn't doing. Although he wasn't exactly your 'best friend', you got along with him well enough - though you had to question his obsession with cats - and you were well aware of his study of witchcraft. Witchery wasn't exactly something you had delved too deep into, but you could only assume there were more than a few spells or tricks he could use to escape, so why not use them?

Before you could wonder any more, Sjin had moved on to the cell to the left of you - the only cell beside you - and pulled at the iron door while Sips roughly shoved Nilesy forward until he was pushed into the cell, stumbling before hitting the ground.

"Have fun, you two," Sips smirked as the door slammed shut, before he walked out of sight along with Sjin. Their footsteps echoed against the floor, bouncing off the walls with unsettling clarity, before you heard them head up the lift, leaving you alone once more.

Well, almost alone.

A painful grunt was enough to remind you of your newfound neighbor, and you glanced over through the glass wall to see Nilesy slowly rise to his feet. The more observant part of your instantly noticed the beginnings of bruises on his neck and just underneath the collar of his shirt - Sip's handiwork, no doubt.

"Jeez," Nilesy sighed, straightening out his clothes, "Right, that's it! I'm busting out of here,"

"I wouldn't try that if I were you," you sighed, rapping your knuckles against the wall separating the two of you, "Five inches worth of palladium-based metallic glass; you'd need a diamond drill to break this stuff,"

"Well, what about the floor? Maybe we tunnel out of here?"

"Solid marble," you explained, "Plus we're at least a hundred feet underground. If you don't die from a collapsing tunnel, the oxygen deprivation will do you in,"

"Look," you turned to properly face Nilesy, "Food comes once a day, toiletries are already in the bathroom, the shower water's usually lukewarm, and the sooner you go along with whatever they say, the less often they'll harass you,"

"Wait," he interrupted you, confusion etched into his face, "Can you tell me how many days have you been down here?"

"Ten days," you answered with a nonchalant shrug as you turned your attention to across the room and looked at the clock hanging on the wall.


"Alright," you interrupted him, reaching over to the door and turning off the solitary light in your cell, "It's late; go to bed,"

Before Nilesy could make any more objections, you crawled into bed and jammed the pillow under your head, turning your back to him.

"Um... okay," you could barely hear the soft click of a light switch before Nilesy stammered out a nervous, "Goodnight,"

Squeezing your eyes shut, you silently prayed that you'd have a peaceful sleep, though the soft glowing from you arms was a clear reminder that the nightmares would never be over.  Sadly, your pleas went unanswered, as night plagued your sleep with screaming faces and drowning in taint that flowed as freely as the blood in your veins.

Eventually you were abruptly torn from your nightmares by the sound of groaning hinges and screeching metal, feeling more exhausted than when you went to sleep. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Nilesy quickly scramble into a sitting position as Sjin opened the door to his cell.

"Rise and shine, ladies," Sips said with a grin as he took a small bag of food and tossed it on the floor while Sjin did the same for Nilesy, "Eat up,"

Slamming the door as quickly as he had opened it, Sips gave you both one last smirk before he walked off with Sjin, leaving the two of you alone once again.

"Breakfast?" Nilesy asked.

"Along with our lunch, and dinner," you answered, slowly rising from your spot and retrieving the bag, ready to find bright red chilies. To your surprise, you pulled out a few rolls of bread and a carrot.

"Three baked potatoes and a cookie," Nilesy said with a soft smile, "Guess Sjin's always had a bit of a soft spot for me,"

Other than a slight nod of your head, you didn't show any sign of acknowledgement. Whilst the two of you ate in silence, you would occasionally glance up from your food and see Nilesy eater as well, and more often than not he would be glancing at your hands. Unsurprising, seeing as how one of those hands - along with the arm and shoulder it was attached to - was dark purple and glowing with your pulse, but you had to wonder how long he was going to be staring at you. After you finished eating half a roll of bread, you turned to Nilesy, who was constantly looking back and forth between the food he was eating and the purple spirals which adorned your skin.

"Liquid flux,"

Hearing your voice was enough for Nilesy to realize that he'd been staring, and he quickly looked up to you in a mix of embarrassment and confusion.

"During an experiment, I... very stupidly spilled some liquid flux and it seeped through the gloves I was wearing," you explained.

"Ah," was all he said; it was all he needed to say for you to understand, "Is that why you're here? Because you were messing with the taint?"

"'Messing'?" you knew that he was just trying to make small talk, but the past few days had taken their toll on you and something inside you was beginning to break, "Do you honestly think that I was stupid enough to just dump flux on me?"

Venom dripped from your words and the tone in your voice was enough to make Nilesy stop talking, but the glare you shot him - eyes narrowed and shining purple with barely concealed rage - seemed to terrify him. Registering just how harshly you snapped, you sighed and rubbed your forehead in some attempt to keep you relaxed. Usually the silence that enveloped your cell was unsettling, allowing the tiny whispers in your mind to grow into shouting voices and slowly destroying your composure until you had to scream. Now that you actually had someone to talk to, someone who could hear you, the silence had gone from irritating to unbearable.

"Sorry," you muttered, hoping that he could hear your apology.

"No, I'm sorry," he quickly replied, "It's just... never mind,"

"Sjin and Sips put me in here because I teleported to Duncan and Kim," you explained with a sigh, "They're experienced in Thaumcraft, and I thought maybe they could help me, but when Kim told me they couldn't do anything, I just teleported right back home and began searching for a cure,"

Unceremoniously, you flopped onto your bed and glared up at the ceiling, hoping that the perfect escape plan had imbedded itself in the patterns above your head.

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I spawned in a stack of mailboxes,"

You turned head towards Nilesy and he gave you a soft smile. Mumbling something under your breath, you turned around once more so your back was facing Nilesy and closed your eyes, hoping that he'd be asleep by the time you woke up.

Nilesy x Reader: Solitary Confinement (Part 1)
One of you kind souls asked me if I have any Nilesy x Reader work which I could put on my page, and, as matter of fact, I do. I explained that the story was short, cute, and wouldn't turn into a series.

I lied.

You were still fast asleep, lying flat on your back while your head was swimming through blissful sleep, dreaming up absolute nothingness, when you suddenly felt something or rather someone nudging your side. It was a fleeting tap, but it was enough to pull your mind halfway out of your comatose state.

"Hey," a faraway voice called out, "It's time to wake up,"

Instead of an comprehensible response, what came out of your throat was an unintelligent grumble while you quickly rolled onto your side, facing your back to the person talking to you. You brought your knees closer to your chest, turning into a ball, while a soft chuckle reached your ears. Seconds later, a hand was gently shaking your shoulder.

"C'mon," the voice continued, sounding closer and more-familiar this time, "You've got to get up,"

"I don't want to," you finally mumbled, voice half-obstructed by the pillow burying your face. You lazily batted away the hand on your shoulder before waving off the person bold enough to awaken you from your slumber.

"Just give me a few more minutes, Dad,"

Expecting to hear another laugh or a sigh, you were confused by the sudden beat of silence that hung over your head. When it was finally broken, you were introduced to a very familiar voice.

"Did you just call me 'Dad'?"

Instantly you opened your eyes and rolled onto your stomach, already conjuring up the face of the speaker. An amused smirk curved your lips while you arched one brow into a skeptical gaze towards Paul, who was simply giving you a smile.

"Oh," you mumbled, "You're still here,"

It had been exactly one week since you were discharged from the hospital, and Paul was still living with you. Well... he might as well have been.

It was a strange little schedule the two of you shared. You would wake up and get ready for work - unless, like today, Paul decided to visit you in the morning - and go to Yogtowers, like any ordinary day. It was after work when things took a turn for the strange. You'd finish recording and gather your belongings, and when you opened the door to your office, Paul would be standing there (and if he wasn't standing there, he'd be waiting at the bottom of the stairs). You'd both leave the building, get in his car and he would drive you back home, at which point the evening unfurled into lazy dinners and watching movies. Eventually you'd both clean up and Paul would see himself out, leaving you to go to edit whatever you'd recorded for the day, then go to sleep. You had insisted day after day that you were perfectly capable of being by yourself, but he absolutely refused to let you be alone in your house - the only exception you could think of was when Paul had to make a quick trip home to pick up his copy of Frozen so he could beg you to play it. At first you assumed that Paul was simply being that over-protective friend who treats you like a younger sibling, but lately you began to wonder if he was simply living with you so he could have someone else to make food for him. Maybe today was the day where he would finally return to his home and you'd be left alone once more. You didn't know whether to be ecstatic or dreadful at the thought.

Despite the suddenness of you and Paul practically living under the same roof, you appreciated his company. It felt nice coming stepping inside a usually empty house, only to have someone walk in after you. You never made anything too extravagant for the two of you to eat, but you enjoyed the mindless banter that flew back and forth during the mediocre meal. Even the movies, all of which you've already seen twice, seemed just a bit more entertaining than usual, if no other reason than because you and Paul could point out the obvious plot holes and make snide remarks. Living without him wasn't impossible - God know's you've done so for the past how-many years - but it was sure to leave a blow. But it was inevitable, what with you getting better and him probably having a ton of housework to do. Besides, what would his girlfriend say? Sure, she didn't live in Bristol, but that was no excuse. Best to cut ties before things got messy.

"C'mon," Paul laughed, derailing your train of thought, "We've got to get to work soon,"

"Alright, alright," you sighed, scrambling out of bed before shooing him out of the room so you could change.

Soon, the two of you were heading out the door to your house and heading down to Paul's car.

"So," Paul began, "Do you have anything planned for today?"

"What do you mean?" you asked, "Do mean, dinner wise? Well we could always go out to eat or I can make something special if you want,"

"Well, that's kind of what I mean," he laughed, "What I meant to ask was if you had anything planned with a certain somebody. Today's Valentine's Day,"

In that instance, you felt your mood worsen tenfold. As if sensing the darkening aura surrounding you, Paul laughed nervously.

"So... I guess that's a 'No'?"

You weren't exactly known for your love - or rather, lack thereof - toward's Valentine's Day, and it wasn't because you didn't have a boyfriend.

Alright, it wasn't solely because you didn't have a boyfriend.

You simply failed to understand the romantic significance of a single day when compared to the other three-hundred-sixty-five days, including birthdays and anniversaries. Perhaps it wouldn't be such a big deal if the so-called holiday was so inflated, encouraging lovers to shower each other with gifts, surprises, and chocolates. Meanwhile, the rest of the world who isn't romantically involved was left completely dejected and encouraged to find a significant other when they may not be stable enough to have a relationship.

No bitterness.

"No," you answered flatly, "I don't have anything planned for Valentine's Day,"

"Ah," he smiled with a soft laugh, "Sorry,"

"It's alright," you shrugged, "C'mon, lets get to Yogtowers,"

Once you were seated inside the car, you leaned back in the seat and closed your eyes, hoping to at least get a little relaxed before you arrived at work. As much as you appreciated having a faster means of transportation to and from work, you also missed the leisurely walk home and occasional stop to get yourself some treats.

When you came into the office five minutes later, the first thing you were greeted with was Mark making his way to the two of you. He was quick to let you know that the Valentine's Day plans had been scrapped for various reasons, though you had a feeling it was mostly because everybody was afraid you were going to have another meltdown. You weren't objecting, of course.

You had just gotten into your office when your phone went off. Confused, you pulled it out of your pocket and turned on the device.

Sjin: Do you want to play some Minecraft? It doesn't have to have anything to do with Valentine's Day if you don't want.

You took a moment to think to yourself. As much as you loathed the 'holiday', playing on the whole Valentine's Day trope could be a little fun. On the other hand, you would be playing a game of Minecraft involving Valentine's Day... with Paul. A perfect storm of drama. After weighing the options for a minute, you turned on your phone again and typed in a response.

(Name): We might as well do something Valentine's Day-ish. We really have nothing better to do.

After receiving a quick 'Okay' from Paul, you peeled off your coat, dropped your bag, started up your equipment, and finally put on your headset. Within seconds, your machines had sparked to life and you started up the various programs that would clutter your screen for the next how-many hours.

I've got my talking socks
Behind this painted box
I'm putting on a show

"Hey guys!" Paul said, his character jumping up and down enthusiastically, "Welcome back to Sjin's Farm, now today we've got a little something special planned. Now, as some of you may or may not be able to see, Lewis is not with me today; he's got some other stuff to take care of, but that's okay! Because I had someone very special come to work on the farm with me today,"

"Hi, guys," you spoke into the microphone in front of you, "Hello, Sjin. I really have no idea what I'm doing right now. I got a call from Sjin, he said that he didn't have anybody to work with today, and he was lonely, so I took pity on him and now I'm here,"

"That's right, and today we've got something very special planned for today, since today is Valentine's Day, of course. Now," he turned to you, "What is the most important part of Valentine's Day?"

You pursed your lips together in thought, even though you knew nobody could see your expression.

Can't see the strings
My mother thinks
I should take it on the road

"Is it flowers?"

"Oh, you're so very close; try again,"



"Is it... Chocolate?"

"That's it!" Paul said, jumping up and down as he ran off into the barn, "It's chocolates! And that's why, today, we are exclusively focusing on making chocolate,"

"Can we actually make chocolate?" you asked, following after him.

"No," he answered, "But that's why we're doing the next best thing: chocolate-covered chili!"

You had to refrain from smashing you head against your desk.

These things I'm trying on
And every hat feels wrong
There's no flair

The growing, harvesting, crafting, and mindless banter continued for a few more hours, until you and Paul had gathered enough chili peppers and coco beans to fill up a pair of wooden chests. By the time you and Paul had finished recording, it was almost 1:00PM. As much as you loved to play Minecraft with Paul, you had to admit that things had began to drone on. That wasn't exactly Paul's fault, however. It pained you to say it, but lately recording Minecraft videos seemed less fun than usual. Perhaps that was simply because of the whole Valentine's Day mess. Once you removed your headset, you sighed a ran a hand through your hair.

I strike a pose
And bust a vogue
And think 'When will I get there?'


You snatched your phone up from the table and read the message on the screen.

Paul: Cafe today?

You smiled.

(Name): Sure.

Someday I'll know
If I left me on my own
How far would I go?

You quickly grabbed your jacket and bag and put them both on in a rush as you hurried out of the hallway and down the stairs. Soon you and what seemed like the entire of the Yogscast were walking down the street to get lunch. As everybody was busy laughing and talking to each other, you, on the other hand, found your thoughts beginning to wander back to your latest videos. No one else probably saw it, but deep down you could tell that lately you've been simply tired of Minecraft. It's fair enough. Every channel had to have something besides Minecraft. The only exception to this otherwise universal truth was you. Lately all you could find yourself interested was modded Minecraft, and even that was beginning to dwindle. You sighed and tried to rid your mind of your pessimistic thoughts.

Someday I'll know

You continued walking down the pavement, trying to keep up with the seemingly faster-moving crowd in front of you. It was clear that today simply wasn't your day, but you eventually managed to catch up with them right outside the restaurant.

Someday I'll know

The door swung open, ringing a bell hanging by the frame, and soon everyone was filing inside. By now, you had become a usual sight and business began to pick up, which meant the cafe was just a little livelier than before. Soon, you and everybody else was sitting at your usual spot in the cafe, with food and drinks all around. Though Mark told you about the abandoned plans, it seemed that some people decided to make things a bit more interesting for their videos. Lewis and Simon decided to play with another Valentine's Day map, Hannah was busy with Nilesy, who was focused on making as many potions of love as possible and sending them to everybody, while Duncan and Kim decided to plant roughly a million roses around their base. Hat Films, however, seemed to be the group that went above and beyond. They decided to create giant structure, made entirely out of pink and red blocks along with a couple stacks of roses strewn about the base.

Throw on some nylon pants
And bust a Hammer dance
I'm kicking moves to "You Can't Touch This"

"So," you said, gathering everyone's attention as you all sat in the cafe, which was more crowded than usual because of Valentine's Day, "How has everyone's day been so far?"

"Pretty good," Duncan said, "You should see Panda Labs, it's like Sjin's Farm, but with roses instead of chilies. I guess it doesn't look that different, but it definitely smells nicer,"

"Big deal," Ross scoffed, "We made a giant monument, you guys need to see it! It stretched all the way up t-,"

"Hang on," Paul said, holding his hand up to interrupt Ross, "Are you implying that my chilies smell bad?"

And soon enough the table exploded with accusations, jokes, and cynical retorts. You were certain the other people were giving you concerned looks, but they were having too much fun to care.

Tucked in my corduroys
I've got my Beastie Boys tape
Fight for my right to part though I'm not invited

"What about you?" Kim asked, pointing her fork right at you, "Anything planned for Valentine's Day?"

"Well we tried making chocolate-covered chilies," you shrugged, "But I don't think the game works like that,"

"Have you actually ever had chocolate with chili in it?" Duncan asked.

"Nope," you said with an apathetic shrug.

"I did once," Mark said, "It tasted pretty good, but my tongue felt a little numb afterwards,"

Feel like Darth Vader
With this helmet on my head
I can't see

You took another sip of your coffee and a bite from your sandwich while people continued to talk to each other. As much as you loved the lighthearted conversations and never-ending jokes, you had to admit that you still felt out of place. Perhaps it was simply because you worked one floor above everybody else. It would make sense; with an entire level separating you from the others, lunch was the only guaranteed time when you got to see and speak to everybody. Other than that, you never really got the chance to see anybody - the people you had grown so accustomed to seeing in the mornings, afternoons, and occasionally evenings. It was probably just the weather. England was already a wet and miserable place, but wintertime made it practically unbearable.

I'm in there somewhere
Past the plastic shield
When will I find me?

"(Name)?" you felt someone tap your shoulder, and you were instantly snapped out of your trance. After realizing that everyone was glancing at you, you turned to face the person, Mark, and smiled.

"Sorry about that," you apologized, "I guess I sort of spaced out,"

"It's alright," he smiled, "I just wanted to make sure you weren't having a stroke or something. C'mon, we're heading back to Yogtowers,"

"Alright then," you said raising up from your seat and following after the others, tossing your leftovers in the bin before you left.

Someday I'll know
If I left me on my own
How far would I go?

You stepped out of the cafe, and watched the people in front of you begin walking down the street. They all talked to each other, smiling and laughing every now and then, while you let yourself trail behind. Feet thoughtlessly kicked at the small mounds of snow - which had slowly decomposed into a grey slush over the weeks - as you constantly gazed up to the almost-cloudless sky, allowing your thoughts to travel wherever they may go.

Today was Valentine's Day, then soon it would be March and you'd be heading off to San Francisco with Paul, Mark, and Kim. After that, who knows what life might have in store. Perhaps there'll be some planning for more conventions or some huge Minecraft event.

Someday I'll know

It was only when you realized that there was actually a significant distance between you and the crowd of familiar faces ahead, did you actually begin walking back to work in ernest.

Someday I won't be so self-defeating

When you finally stepped back into your office, you quickly took off your bag and coat once again, and let yourself dramatically flop back into your chair. You glanced up at the clock and saw that it was only half-past one. Recording with Paul this morning had pretty much drained you of any energy; how were you going to make it through the rest of the day?!

I won't kick me when I'm bleeding

Admitting that sulking wasn't going to solve your problems, you quickly pulled yourself into a sitting upright position and pulled yourself closer to the computer. Since the videos were a part of Sjin's Farm, he would take care of the editing which gave you plenty of time to catch up on other dreaded work.

I'll do a high-dive from the high point of my roof

As you began to edit the various videos that were going to be uploaded tonight, your mince once again began to wander in and out of focus. Various questions, random memories, and occasionally a hopeful day dream. You could picture it before your very eyes. GDC, the entire gaming industry condensed into one expo center, lay at your feet.

I'll be the smoothest dancer

Sure, you weren't exactly a professional in the designing side of video games, but it was still a great chance to go see games and have a change in scenery. Perhaps that was why not as many people were going; a bit of a disappointment, but nothing too disheartening.

And I'll have all the answers

Realizing that you still had an entire Valentine's Day-Themed work day to push through, you pulled yourself back into a proper sitting position and continued working on some of the latest recordings.

I'll take a stand
And raise my hand
And the band will play

The rest of the work day passed by without any incident. You spent the bulk of the day editing your videos, but honestly you didn't mind too much. It was busy work, but it was necessary busy work. By the end of the day, you were throughly drained and ready to go home and sleep.

You happily grabbed your belongings and put on your coat, before turning off the lights to your office and stepping out into the hallway. A few people waved goodbye to you as you left, but just as you were leaving the building, you heard the sound of footsteps. You turned around and saw Paul making his way down the stairs.

"You're leaving already?" he asked. He didn't sound disappointed, just a little shocked.

"Well, yeah," you shrugged, "It's been a slow day and I'm tired. I'll see you tomorrow,"

You had just opened the door when you felt Paul tap your shoulder. You turned around, and were shocked to see a small paper bag in his hands, which he held out to you.

"What's this?" you asked as you took the bag from him. You carefully opened the bag and looked inside, and were surprised to see a few brightly decorated biscuits.

"Happy Singles  Awareness Day," he smirked. You paused and looked up at him.

"... Singles Awareness Day?" you tried to look as unamused as possible

"It's a thing!" he defended.

"Fine," you smirked, rolling up the bag before you stepped outside.

Someday I'll know
If I left me on my own
How far would I go

You kept the bag tightly clutched in one hand as you hurried home as fast as possible. Of course he had to get you biscuits. The same ones you got from the cafe, too. It was a sweet gesture (no pun intended), but you thought nothing of it beyond a joke.

"Singles Awareness Day," you scoffed as you finally reached your house, "There's no way that's actually a real thing,"

Someday I'll know

You quickly unlocked the door to your house and stepped inside. While today was an... eventful day, it still seemed to take a turn for the dull. The Valentines were cute and you were sure people had a lot of fun today, but for you the dat simply left you feeling bitter and tired. You quickly opened the bag and took one of the biscuits. It was heart shaped, so you quickly snapped it in two and took a bite out of one half.

You walked past the kitchen, tossing the bag onto the counter, and made your way into your bedroom.

As you unceremoniously flopped onto the bed face-first, you mumbled into the pillows.

"I hate Valentine's Day,"

Someday I'll know

Sjin x Reader - Someday
I apologize if this latest chapter feels a bit rushed, I've been busy with a lot of other things. To be honest, I wanted to make this chapter a bit sadder than it actually sounds, but I'll just have to save that for next time. Which reminds me, I've got some spare short Reader-Inserts lying around. If you want me to upload those, let me know. Enjoy.
As the few of you reading this are aware of, the latest Sjin x Reader chapter was a bit of a struggle simply due to a lack of song ideas. So, for the sake of everybody's time and my own sanity, I am once again asking for suggestions from those of you who actually read my fanfictons. On another note I've got a few ideas for other Yogscast and Hetalia Reader-Inserts, but I don't know if it's a good idea to post more series. So, my questions are if any of you have any ideas you want me to write about, and if you want me to post new things period. Please let me know, and also let me know about new ideas if you ever come up with one. For the love of God, I was practically bashing my head against a wall from trying to write the last one.


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