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I know that Reader-Inserts have always been an 'odd' area of the fandoms, but it never really bothered me.

Now I'm absolutely disgusted by what I've written.

All this time I've been putting myself in pathetic fantasies. Maybe I wouldn't feel so ashamed if it wasn't for the fact that these stories were about real people - more or less. They're not just characters made up from pen and paper, they're extensions of living, breathing people.

I've wasted all of this time and effort on a sickening obsession.

I'm going away, and I don't know if I'm coming back.
I'm sorry.
Won't be posting anything for a while.


You couldn’t help but smirk as Paul tried and failed to retain his umpteenth yawn of the day.


“Kind of,” he answered, “It’s been a long day,”

“Really?” you asked, leaning back in the restaurant chair, “Nothing’s happened…”

“What do you mean?” Paul scoffed, “We got to see all of the booths we had planned for the day,”

He made a good point. Unlike the past few days, you’d managed to look through the convention without getting lost or falling asleep, and were able to look at a wide array of stalls. Still, you couldn’t help but feel a certain dissatisfaction from the day; perhaps you were simply getting jaded by the Youtube experience.

“I guess,” you sighed, looking down at the drink in your hands - a warm drink that smelled like a concoction of milk and cinnamon. Paul furrowed his brow together as he leaned forward and gave you a soft smile.

“Hey, don’t act so sad,” he said with a reassuring smile, “We still have all of tomorrow to look around the city,”

Looking up from your drink, you couldn’t help but instantly smile the moment you saw his face.

“Alright,” you rolled your eyes and took another drink, just as you caught a glimpse of Kim dragging out the chair beside you.

“Okay then,” she sighed, “Are we ready to head back to the hotel?”

You and Paul looked at each other for confirmation, and you simply shrugged.

“I guess so,” he answered, digging through his pockets until he pulled out a few dollars and put them on the table with the paper receipt. The two of you stood up and followed Kim out of the restaurant, where you instantly spotted Mark having a conversation on his phone. He mumbled a few words as he turned to the three of you, and smiled.

“Alright then, talk to you later,” he said, turning off his phone, “Um… so back to the hotel?”

“I guess,” you shrugged, following behind your three friends.

The sun was still hanging low in the sky, but the lights of the city were already shining and a cool breeze traveled down the streets. Colours blossomed from signs as streetlights decorated the pavement, making you want to stop and just take it all in for a moment.

Sadly, Mark had chosen a place to eat placed right in between the Expo center and your hotel, so you only got to walk a few blocks before reaching the jutting skyscraper that was your hotel.

“I thought today was pretty good,” Mark said as the three of you walked through the lobby and to the lifts.

“Oh, for sure,” she agreed, “I’m sure we’ll have tons of footage to edit, we might not be able to include it all,”

“That’s too bad. I’d hate to miss out on all of the stuff we got to do today,”

Soon, you found yourself sitting in the plush armchair resting by the window, your eyes jumping back and forth between the phone in your hands and the breathtaking view. The sound of running water suggested that Kim was still using the restroom, but you weren’t really in a hurry.

It had been a pretty uneventful day, as much as it pained you to think so, but that wasn’t the only problem with today.

“Hey, Kim?” you asked.

“What’s up?”

You looked at your phone, mindlessly going through the random photo’s you’d taken.

“Was Paul acting a bit strange today?”

“That poor boy always acting a little odd,” Kim laughed, her voice echoing in the bathroom.

“I’m serious, though,” you chuckled, “He was acting a little - I don’t know - distant,”

The hiss of running water came to an abrupt end and you watched as Kim stepped out of the bathroom.

“I did kind of notice that,” she said, taking a seat on her bed and pulling out a laptop, “Maybe something came up?”

“Maybe,” you shrugged, “This whole day’s felt kind of off, to be honest,”

“Do you really think so?” she asked, “Because I was having a whale of a time,”

You looked to Kim, who had decided to focus all of her attention to her computer, and you sighed.

“Yeah, maybe it’s just me…”

Eventually, the sun disappeared behind the horizon and the orange sky darkened to a navy blue. Kim had just shut down for the evening and you were preparing for a restless night full of confused and curious thoughts. You were just about to change into your sleepwear and crawl into bed when your phone went off.


Grateful to have a distraction, you grabbed your mobile device and looked at the screen.


You smiled and quickly answered the call.


“Hey, it’s me, Adrian,” a familiar voiced answered, “Wait, I didn’t wake you up, did I?”

“Nah,” you sighed, “I can’t get any sleep”

“That’s good- that I didn’t wake up, I mean. So, what’re you up to?”

“Sitting around, bored out of my mind while everybody else is fast asleep,” you answered, dramatically falling back onto your bed.

“Same thing,” Adrian sighed, “Well, sort of. The others went to go to some club, and I’ve got nothing to do,”

“They just left you?”

“I’m not a big fan of clubs and loud parties,” he explained.


“So, now what do we do?”

“We could always leave our hotels and find something fun to do,”

You laughed at the joke, but Adrian remained quiet.

“Wait,” he finally spoke, “Were you being serious? Because I’m sure Emily and Julian wouldn’t mind if I just left to do my own thing,”

“Well, I was joking,” you smiled, “But… I wouldn’t mind looking around San Francisco with somebody. What do you say?”

“U-Um… sure!” he answered, “Do you want to meet somewhere or should I come pick you up?”

“I’ll sent you the hotel’s address,” you answered, hopping off the bed.

“Okay then,” he said with a small laugh, “I’ll see you soon!”

You could help but smile like an idiot as you put on your sneakers, texted Adrian the hotel’s address, and grabbed your hotel key card. Silently, you made your way to the hotel door, which opened with a barely noticeable click. The door opened without a sound, allowing a small sliver of hallway light spill into the darkened room. You were just about to step out into the hallway when you paused and turned back to Kim.

She was still fast asleep and probably wouldn’t wake until tomorrow morning, but if she or anybody else found out that you were gone, they’d all probably panic. And even when they eventually found out where you were, you’d probably get an earful for going out without telling anybody. Paul especially would have a fit. It’d be a lie to say you didn’t feel guilty, but there was an entire city just begging to be seen in the middle of a sleepless, uneventful night.

You gave Kim an apologetic smile.

“I’ll be back before any of you notice,” you whispered before sliding through the gap in the door and making your way down the lobby.

By the time you made your way downstairs, a taxi was waiting at the entrance and honked its horn the moment you stepped into the lobby. You stepped outside, and the backseat window slowly rolled down, showing Adrian with a nervous smile.

“Um… Hi,” he laughed, “Ready to go?”

“Yep,” you answered, opening the door and hopping inside.

“So,” he said, “Where do you want to go first?”

You buckled yourself into the car, almost grabbing for a nonexistent driver’s wheel before you turned back to Adrian with a small grin.

“I’ll let you decide,” you said, “Is there anyplace you think we should go first?”

“Well…” he began, practically swallowing up his words.

“Go on,” you smirked.

“There’s this place, Pier 39. I know it’s kind of for little kids, but it still looks like a lot of fun,”

“Then let’s go,” you said with an encouraging smile, “Anything beats sitting around with nothing to do,”

“Alright then,” he smile nervously, “Um, Pier 39, please,”

The driver gave you a nod and smile, and with that you drove away from the hotel.

You weren’t sure how long the drive to the Pier took, but it felt like only a few minutes had passed. The car zipped down the coastline and you watched with wide eyes as shapes and colours passed by in the blink of a stupefied eye. Lights reflected in the inky waters, shining and rippling like living creatures. When the car eventually came to a stop, you immediately opened the door and hopped out.

You stepped outside and were instantly greeted with bright lights and people happily chatting with each other. Lights shined every which way, and on a nearby building a blue and white sign was illuminated for everybody to see.


“Okay,” Adrian sighed as he finished paying the driver and joined you, “I know this place looks really kiddie, so I understand if you want to find somewhere else to go,”

“Are you kidding me?” you smiled, “This looks great! C’mon, let’s go,”

Instantly his usually calm expression turned to one of shock, before he gave you a smile - a real smile.

“Alright then,” he said, and with that the two of you made your way down the pier.

Isn’t this such a beautiful night

You smiled as the two of you passed the various stalls and shops that seemed to make up the first portion of the pier. It was still pretty early in the evening, but the sky was already pitch black, a sudden contrast to the lights and neon signs of the pier. That being said, it was still full of activity, with people walking up and down the pier as well as exploring the shops and eating the foods. It was surprisingly chilly for a night in San Francisco, but you didn’t mind.

Woah, we’re underneath a thousand shining stars

Savory and sweet smells collided with each other, mixing with the natural smell of the ocean, and you could swear that your stomach grumbled in anticipation.

Adrian laughed as he pulled out a folded up brochure from his pockets.

“I’d save the food for later,” he suggested, unfolding the paper to reveal a glossy map of the pier, “There’s a few rides and this one maze, it can all get pretty dizzying,”

Isn’t it nice to find yourself somewhere different?

“So, besides eating and drinking, what’s there to do here?” you asked.

“This place is mostly restaurants and some bars,” he admitted, “but there are also an arcade, lots of performers. Plus it’s all pretty inexpensive. What do you want to do first?”

“Well…” you studied the map for a moment, but any ideas you had were instantly dashed when you looked up.

“That,” you answered, pointing to a massive trampoline with a set of bungee cords on either side. Next to the platform was a small sign: Frequent Flyers. You instantly made a beeline for the man in charge of the ‘ride’ and asked how much it was to try out.

Woah, why don’t you let yourself just be wherever you are

“Try and do a flip!” Adrian encouraged with a smile, “Push forward and tuck your knees in,”

You didn’t care how stupid you might have looked - making a fool out of yourself was nothing knew - you were having so much fun jumping up and down. The man had strapped you into a harness attached to the cords, and now you were free to jump up and down as high as possible. Taking your friend’s advice, you carefully pushed forward of the trampoline and brought your legs up. You managed a quick front flip before sloppily landing back on the trampoline below. Adrian simply laughed.

“Hey, I’d like to see you try and do better!” you shouted.

Look at this place
Look at your faces

“So this is called the Infinite Mirror Maze,” Adrian explained as the two of you made your way down the carpeted path.

“And the gloves?” you asked, looking down at the latex gloves the ticket-man gave you.

“They’re so we don’t smudge the mirrors, I guess,” he shrugged, “C’mon, this can’t be too hard.

You both walked down the hallway and through an open doorway, and immediately you felt your eyes widen. In front of you was a seemingly endless room filled with an array of similar pillars. Lights blinked on and off while a fast-beat techno song played from the various speakers placed about the maze, giving a rave-like feel to the whole puzzle.

“Oh, how hard can it be?” Adrian smiled.

He instantly walked right into a mirror.

“I guess this is what the gloves are for,” you laughed, carefully walking forward with your hands outstretched, “Jeez, the guys would kill me if they found out I was doing with,”

I’ve never seen you look like this before

“Another dead end,” you said, your hands flat against the mirrors in front of you.

“We have to be at least half-way through this thing,” Adrian laughed.

“Just hug the right-hand side of the wall,” you laughed, “If Minecraft’s taught me anything, it’s that,”

“I guess,” he laughed, “Just be careful of loops,”

“Alright,” you nodded your head, running your hands across the glass walls. You turned yet another corner, letting your fingers trace random patterns as you walked, but sure enough you reached yet another dead end and were staring at your various reflections.

“Dead end,” you sighed, “Let’s backtrack and try again,”

You turned around, expecting Adrian to be standing right behind you, but instead you were greeted with an empty path.

Isn’t it nice to find yourself somewhere different

“Adrian?” you called out, walking back down the way you came. Unsurprisingly, you began to have flashbacks of the convention, but the lights and music seemed to make the experience all the more intense. Nervously, you began to walk faster, occasionally glancing down the branching paths, but saw no sign of your new companion.

“Adrian?” you repeated, perhaps a bit more urgently than before. You felt yourself relax when you saw him instantly turn his head towards you.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “I just wanted to look down another path. It was just another dead end,”

You smiled and continued to walk towards him.

Woah, why don’t you let yourself be wherever you are


Instantly Adrian was by your side as you stumbled back, hands covering your face.

“Are you alright?!” he asked.

“I’m fine,” you said, struggling to stop yourself from laughing.

Of course, you burst into a fit of giggles, and it wasn’t long before Adrian began laughing too.

Look at this place
Look at your faces

“…So me and my mom were just sitting there,” Adrian explained, the two of you randomly strolling past the various shops, “And after a while she says “Why isn’t traffic going anywhere?”,”


“So I take a look out the windows before I finally say, “Mom, this is a parking spot.”,”

“Did you really?!” you laughed.

“The sad thing is, she can never remember that,” he laughed, “Ah, she’s really sweet, though,”

They’re shining like a thousand shinning stars

The two of you continued to travel down the pier, when you noticed a small crowd gathering. Curious, you slowly weaved between the various people and saw a young woman in the middle of the crowd with a small table in front of her. A street magician.

“For my next trick,” she began, “I am going to need a volunteer,”

You watched as arms all around you suddenly shot up into the sky - including your own. The woman scanned through the crowd surrounding her, before finally approaching you, but smiling at Adrian.

“You, sir, would you like to come up?”

“Sure,” he smiled, joining her at the table.

“Alright, sir, I’m going to ask you to pick a card at random, memorize it, and then put it back in the deck. And don’t let me see it, that’s important!”

You watched curiously as he slowly slid a card out from the fan in front of him and showed it to all of you, the queen of spades, before carefully inserting it at a random area of the fan.

“Alright,” she smiled and began to shuffle through the deck, “I think I’ve got your card. Is this it?”

She flipped over the top card and showed it to everyone; the two of diamonds.

“Nope,” Adrian shook his head.

“Alright, let me try this again,” she laughed, “Is… this your card?”

“No, sorry,” he answered with a nervous smile.

“Okay,” she sighed, “Let me just try this one more time… Is this your card?”


“Are you kidding me?!”

Isn’t it nice to find yourself somewhere different

You watched in awe at the woman rose from her chair and proceeded to turn around and chuck the deck at a nearby window. The cards flew everywhere the moment they hit the glass and scattered to the floor in a mess. However, the queen of spades remained firmly attached to the glass.

“Is that your card?” she laughed.

The entire audience laughed alongside her as Adrian nodded his head.

Why don’t you let yourself just be wherever you are

“Alright,” You smiled as you briskly walked out of the shop, carrying a small paper bag in one hand and two drinks on the other, “I’ve got dessert,”

“Aw, you’re amazing,” Adrian smiled as you joined him at the small bench just outside the cafe and handed him one of the two cups.

Why don’t you let yourself just be somewhere different

The two of you simply sat together in silence, enjoying your drinks and occasionally digging into the paper bag to fish out a biscuit- or as Adrian called them ‘cookies’.

As you absentmindedly sipped your drink, you felt your hand blindly grab for another treat. But as you felt around for another treat, you felt your knuckles brush against someone’s hand. Instantly the both of you looked up from your drinks and you felt your face instantly heat up.

Adrian smiled as he pulled out a small biscuit and broke it in half before offering you one half.

“Oh… Thanks,” you smiled, taking the small sweet from him.

Why don’t you let yourself just be whoever you are

“Can I ask you something?”

You looked up from the shimmering lights dancing on the water, and turned to Adrian, who was hunched over and leaning on the wooden railing that surrounded the pier.

“Sure,” you shrugged.

“What’s it like being part of the Yogscast?”

You’d gotten this questions a million times before, and honestly you normally gave the cliché answer: “It’s fun but overwhelming”. But with only one individual - a good man - you felt like a more in-depth explanation would be in order. You pursed your lips together in thought.

“I guess it’s usually pretty fun,” you began, “I mean… I get along pretty well with everybody, but I spend a lot of time working on things with Pa- sorry, Sjin and Duncan. I’ve been trying to find something else to play for a good few videos, but so far nothing’s really stood out to me,” you smirked, “Let me know if you ever run into some good games,”

“Can do,” he laughed, “You just let me know if you can find any Youtube celebrities who’d be willing to promote my games,”

It was strange. From what you’d originally seen, Adrian seemed like a quiet and timid self-doubter, but had changed to open and confident in what felt like a few minutes. The same could be said for you; you’d agreed to sneaking out just out of sheer boredom, but you found the pier a genuinely enjoyable place. The rapid change in atmosphere was strange, but welcomed.

Without warning, you let out an exhausted yawn, and Adrian smiled.


“I guess,” you shrugged, rubbing the drowsiness from your eyes.

“Do you want me to take you back to your hotel?”

“Not really,” you answered, “But I know I have to,”

“Yeah,” he smiled, “C’mon, we’d better get you back safely,”

“Alright,” you groaned, following Adrian away from the railing and back towards the entrance.

He was easily able to hail a cab and the two of you drove back to the hotel, content with watching the world outside pass by in a blur.

By the time the taxi reached your hotel, you could barely keep your eyes open. You carefully stepped out into the chilly night and turned back to Adrian.

“Thanks,” you said, “This was a really great night,”

“I’m glad you think so too,” he smiled, “I…I hope I’ll get to see you before you have to leave,”

“I’m sure we will. And even if we don’t, we can still keep in touch,”

“Right. Anyways, goodnight, (Name),”

“Goodnight, Adrian,” you smiled fondly and waved as the taxi drove off into the night.

You silently passed through the lobby, into the elevator, up the several floors, down the halls, around the corridors, and finally to your hotel door. Another sigh escaped your throat as you opened the door with a click.

You stepped inside, wanting nothing more than to collapse on your bed, but the moment you left the entrance, the room was flooded in a blinding light. You were instantly blinded by the light and had to squeeze your eyes shut.

“Where the hell have you been?!” a voice boomed.

“Hang on a second,” you groaned, rubbing your eyes in some attempt to will away the light. Finally, you were able to see properly and looked up, instantly face to face with a rather angry looking Kim.

“What’re you doing up so late?” you asked. She laughed in disbelief.

“I should be asking you that question!” she answered, her voice echoing against the walls and rattling your head, “Do you know what time it is?!”

“Night time?”

“It’s almost half-past midnight,” she snapped, “Now you are going to tell me exactly what is it you were doing! Or so help me, I’ll-”

“Alright, alright,” you groaned, “I’ll tell you everything. Just stop yelling, please!”

Kim gave you an impatient look before quickly returning to her bed and dimming the bedside lamp.

“I was out because I was bored and wanted to spend the night with Adrian,” you explained, sitting down on your bed and kicking off your sneakers.

“That one guy we met from GDC? Why?!”

“Because we haven’t done anything interesting all day,” you answered, “I know this is our job and stuff, but we’re in San Francisco. There’s an entire city just waiting to be seen and instead I’m stuck in a hotel with nothing to do. I thought I could just sneak out and sneak back in without any of you noticing, but apparently I was wrong,”

You sighed and buried your head under the sheets and pillows of your bed, ignoring the confused grumbles from your roommate.

“I get that you’ve been really looking forward to this trip ever since Lewis gave you that ticket, and I know that you’ve been through a lot for these past few months,” Kim sighed, “But it’s like you said, this is our job. We can’t just treat this like a vacation - we have to to this for a living. And you can’t just go out and pretend what you say and do doesn’t have any weight to it, because it does,”

You wanted to just curl you into the smallest ball possible and just stop existing for that one moment.

“I won’t tell anybody about this,” she continued, “But…please just consider what I’m saying?”

You grumbled an unintelligent agreement before turning your back to Kim and burying your face in one of the nearby pillows. She sighed and turned off the lights completely.

Tomorrow was going to be awful.

Sjin x Reader - Be Wherever You Are
Fun Fact: Pier 39 is actually a real place, and all of the stuff I've written about was a roughly accurate rendition of what would have happened and available attractions.

The song is "Be Wherever You Are" by Rebecca Sugar.

“Alright, that should be it,”

Dropping the industrial wrench in your hands, you wiped the seat off your brow, took a step back to admire the machinery in front of you - a large brick structure firmly riveted to the wooden roof beneath you. From where you were standing, you could see a small hatch bolted to the middle of the machine and a set of pipes jutting out from either side with a set of pistons behind them.

“And you’re sure it’ll work now?” Nilesy asked, bending over to peek through the single window of the hatch and catch a glimpse at the smoldering fire burning away inside.

“Should work,” you explained as he eventually returned to standing beside you, “Coal goes in through one pipe, coke and oil come out through the other,”

Smiling at your straightforward explanation, he turned to check the chest and glass tank to the left of the machine. Because pistons were just simple redstone machines, they weren’t at risk of overheating, all of the oil could be safely stored once transferred to the tanks, and they should have enough coal to automatically cook. Satisfied with what he saw, Nilesy turned to you once more, still smiling that eager smile.

“Seriously, though, I cannot thank you enough,” he said, stepping forward, “With this, the Cat Train will be up and running in weeks,”

“Automating the process of coke and oil will certainly help you,” you shrugged, “Of course, it could all work fast if you automate everything, but I guess it depends on how much track you plan on putting down,”

“Regardless,” he said with a chuckle, “You’ve really been a great help,”

“Thanks,” you answer, mindlessly toying with the essence seeds Hannah had offered you as payment. Unable to find anything else to say, you turned on your heel, ready to head back home. One food was hovering over nothing as you were about to hop off of the roof and onto the ground below, you were interrupted.

“…Um, I think something’s wrong…”

Although you managed to refrain from an irritated sigh, you still gave a quick eye-roll before turning back to fix whatever problem there was. Within a few quick steps, you were standing over Nilesy’s shoulder and glancing down at the pipes in front of you. Instantly you froze.

Creosote oil had stopped flowing from the pipes and rather than steadily whirring in almost silence, they groaned in protest as their metal pieces were forced apart from each other, grinding against one another in agony. Metal pieces shook back and forth as a strange object forced its way through the transparent pipes. Though you had no idea what it was, two things were for certain.

It was bright purple, and it was forcing itself against the pipes. Pressing against the glass until it cracked and popped. Whatever it was, it wanted out.

Without wasting another second, you grabbed the discarded wrench and swung at the first piece of pipe you saw. Glass shattered into a million shards and twisted metal felt to the ground with a loud clattering thud.

Dark purple splattered everywhere, sticking to the glass, the metal, the wooden roof - everywhere. Immediately, you let go of the wrench and stepped away from the flux, but it was too late. Voices were already wrapping themselves around your head, twisting your mind, and you could feel the wooden planks beginning to sway back and forth underneath you. Desperately, you began to try and scratch away at the purple spots on your arms and hands, digging your nails into your skin and tearing away at the flesh, but it was too late. Blood was soon dripping from fresh wounds as you tried to cling to what little sanity you had left. Purple curves began crawling up your shoulders now, to your neck, and it would be long before they reached your head, forcing themselves into your very core.

Panicking, you took the next step back and felt the world give way, letting you fell into darkness. Trapped in suspension, you were completely alone save for the voices screaming your name and the marks slowly consuming you.

Using the last of your breath, you opened your mouth and screamed.

Terrified breath choked itself out of your throat as you woke up.

Blood pounded against your skull and through your heart as you flew into a sitting position, your breath heavy and uneven. Slowly, your gaze traveled down from the window ahead to your hands, gripping onto the sheets with a deathly vice. They still glowed a bright purple, and you could feel your fingers pulsing with a beat that was not your own.

Things were getting worse.

“What’s wrong?”

At the sound of a soft but certain voice, you turned and saw Nilesy sitting on the floor of his cell, his face decorated with a concerned expression.

“Nothing…” you sighed, running a hand through your hair.

Before either of you could say another word, you made a beeline for the small restroom built into your cell and turned on the sink. Water hit your face, and you welcomed the sudden slap to reality.

By the time you dried up your face and stepped back into your cell, Nilesy had relocated himself to his bed and was mindlessly twiddling his thumbs.

“So…” he began as you returned to your bed, “Is there no way out of here?”

“None,” you answered bluntly, and judging from the look on Nilesy’s face, you had to assume he was less than satisfied with your answer.

“That’s crazy. Sjin and Sips can’t just keep us locked down here forever; it’s not fair!”

“This might come as a shock to you,” you began, “Those two don’t exactly care about fairness. All they want are some minds to mess with; don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing you squirm,”

“Surely there’s some way out!” he said, rising to his feet, “Like an emergency exit, an escape route, something!”

“Escape routs would require forethought,” you said, risking a glance to watch the man in the next cell pace back and forth, “Of course, this is Sips and Sjin we’re talking about, so the only way out of here is through that lift to the right of us,”

“Well… maybe we can get a key from one of them? Because, if they have to unlock them to give us fo-”

“Hold a second,”

Stopping mid-pace, Nilesy watched as you pushed yourself into a sitting position to properly face your new neighbor.

“There’s no ‘we’,”

Nilesy’s anxious expression quickly changed to one of shock.

“Bu-… Do you really mean to tell me that you’re okay being trapped down here?”

For a moment, you actually sensed just the slightest bite of hostility in his voice.

“Don’t get the wrong idea; I’m just as sick of this place as you are,” you replied, “But, trying to escape is suicide. Turrets, alarms, gates - Sips and Sjin have got all sorts of toys that they’re just dying to try on us,”

“We could get past them,” he sighed, “Electronics are easy for you; couldn’t you just disable or rewire them?”

“Not without getting shot,” you answered.

“So you mean to tell me that I’m just supposed to stay trapped down here and sulk?” he scoffed.

Sarcasm and bitterness dripped from Nilesy’s voice, but you refused to answer him. Instead, you simply turned your back to him and focused on the glass wall in front of you. Another scoff.

“Great…” he muttered.

Risking a quick glance, you peeked over your shoulder and watched as Nilesy returned to sitting down in the middle of his cell.

Then, the sound of footsteps.

While Nilesy quickly rose to his feet, you simply reverted to sitting on your bed, your eyes lazily following Sips and Sjin as they made their way in front of your cells.

“Good afternoon,” the former of the two began, his voice echoing through the spacious room, “Getting along fine?”

Neither of you answered, though you could see Nilesy nervously fidget in place out of the corner of your eye. Sips’ attention jumped back and forth between the two of you, an almost disappointed smile on his face, before he finally focused on you.

“Open that door for me, will ya, Sjin?”

“Sure thing,” the second man answered, quickly unlocking your cell door and yanking it open. Soon you found yourself sitting right in front of Sips while Sjin merely leaned back against the cell wall, both of them looking down at you with smug grins.

“Have you been playing nice?” Sips asked, his voice as condescending as physically possible. Keeping your gaze firmly planted at your hands in your lap, you remained mute - though you were just barely able to catch a glimpse of something resembling a scowl from him. Without warning, he grabbed a handful of your shirt and yanked you to your unsteady feet.

“Let me repeat myself: ‘Have you been playing nice?’,”

His voice rattled inside your head and your faces were only a few inches apart, but you still kept your eye cast downward. Nonetheless, you were able to see Sips’ eyes narrow and his mouth morph into a scowl.

“Why do you always making thing harder for yourself?,” he sighed, easing his grip on your shirt.

Pure silence filled the room as Sips took a step back, forcing you to stumble forward with him, but only a few seconds later, the sound of a metallic thud echoed through the walls.

Everything happened so suddenly; one moment you were standing with Sips holding on to the fabric of your shirt, the next you were on the ground in a crumpled heap. Static rang in your ears as the floor swayed underneath you, forcing you to squeeze your eyes shut and simply focus on the pain in the back of your head where you had hit the edge of your bed frame.

“I’ll ask again,” Sips said, his voice becoming softer, “Have you been playing nice?”

Hurt him.

Soft whispers repeated those same words over and over again in your mind, looping over each other as you shakily rose to your feet. Gentle voices aided you forward as you struggled to drag one foot in front of the other, towards the man in front of you. Somewhere, in your mind, you took note of the misty purple flooding your vision.

Words raised up your arms and wrapped themselves around your fingers as you reached out to the man in front of you. Kill him, destroy him, punish him - the voices continued to whisper, echo against your mind as you stretched out your hand. With a face too blurred to recognize, man in front of you extended a hand out to yours and grabbed your wrist. Cold touch was enough to shatter the fantasy, and all of the voices stopped in an instant.

When you opened your eyes again, Sips was standing in front of you with a knowing smile before he turned to a horrified Nilesy.

“And that’s what you’re living next to for the rest of your life,” Sjin said with a smile, “C’mon, Sips; we were going to get lunch, remember?”

“Right,” Sips smiled, letting go of your wrist. The door to your cell closed with a thundering slam while you watched in silence as Sips and Sjin walked away. Footsteps echoed against the marble tiles as the two of them walked off, eventually disappearing once they made their way to the elevators and left the level.

Silence hung in the air as you stared down at your hands, the purple covering your skin glowing dimly. Slowly, you turned to Nilesy, who’d refused to tear his gaze away from you.

“Did I…?” your voice felt so soft.

“Um… you eyes and hands were glowing,” he quietly explained.

“Oh, I see,” you sighed, glancing back down at your hands.

Usually you only suffered from nightmares or some drowsiness; you must’ve hit your head pretty badly to trigger something like this. Thankfully, you weren’t bleeding - at least you hoped not.

“Sorry that you had to see that,” you added, but Nilesy quickly shook his head.

“None of that was your fault,” he said, “We’re going to get out of here, one way or another,”

“Still going on about escape?” you raised a brow skeptically, but a confident smile was your answer. Grabbing the small bag of food you’d received in the morning, you fell back onto your bed, careful that you wouldn’t fall and hit your head again, and began to search for something to eat.

Once again, the two of you ate in silence - except for the face that Nilesy wasn’t constantly looking to your arms this time - but that peace was inevitably broken.

In the middle of eating, you felt your stomach lurch forward and you paled. Dropping the food in your hands, you scrambled to your feet and made a mad dash for the restroom and proceeded to empty what little contents you had left.

Burning pain ripped its way through your throat as you struggled to turn on the sink, but even handfuls of water did nothing to help you. Nausea rocked you back and forth as you struggled to make your way out of the restroom.

“Are you feeling alright?” Nilesy asked, rising to his feet.

Despite the fact that he was only a few feet away from you, his voice sounded so soft and so far away. Keeping your mind focused was a struggle with a horrible pounding against your skull softly lulling you to sleep with an almost metronome-like beat.

“Hey! Tell me what’s wrong,”

You turned to Nilesy, his voice growing faint and muffled, and slowly dragged yourself over to the wall dividing your cells.

“My head hurts,” you answered, resting yourself against the glass, “Guess it’s worse than I thought,”

“Jeez,” he sighed, joining you at the glass, “Just stay right there, and stay awake, alright?”

Silently, you nodded your head.

“Come on, look at me,” Nilesy instructed, forcing you to keep your eyes opened. He studied your face, staring at your eyes intensely, and in your drowsy state, you couldn’t help but crack a smile.

“I’m curious,” you smirked, “When did you become a doctor?”

“Some of us take our health very seriously,” he answered, mirroring your smile. However, he quickly turned his attention away from you and quickly rose to his feet.

“Guys!” he yelled, running to what you assume was his cell door, “Help!”

Turning to follow his gaze, you watched as a familiar pair of people approached your cells once again. Muffled voices argued back and forth with each other before you watched both of the cell doors open. Padded footsteps reached your ears and you looked up as a familiar face kneeled down beside you.

“Okay,” Nilesy gave a nervous smile as he took your arm and helped you to your feet, “Everything’s going to be fine; you can lie down and get some rest,”

“What happened to staying awake?” you asked as you slowly shuffled to your bed.

“I can keep an eye on you,” he answered, hesitant to let go as you lay down on the mattress. After pulling the sheet over your body and resting your head on the pillow, you slowly closed your eyes and gave Nilesy a tired glance.

“You’re going to be just fine,” he said.

Nilesy x Reader - Solitary Confinement (Part 2)
Fun Fact: I tried to write this with only one of each word at the start of the sentences.

While I admit that this story is going to be extremely melodramatic and dark, there's going to be a lot of sweetness and fluff. And to think, all of this started because of a random request from someone who isn't even on DeviantART anymore! Expect darker versions of the Yogscast.
One Way or Another by X-Doe
One Way or Another
"I've got a golden ring and a golden lasso, and one way or another, your ass is mine," - Blastoff Episode #30 - GHAST PROBLEMS.

To one person, those are just joking words. To me, they're either 1) the kind of words a stalker says to an unfortunate subject of an obsession or, 2) that song from Blondie.

I know I should make this a bit nicer looking, but I really can't be bothered and am just working up the guts to actually post stuff. Perhaps in some time, I'll come back and redraw it with *gasp* colour?!
Won't be posting anything for a while.


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