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Having trouble writing the next chapter. Any suggestions? 'Cause strictly GDC stuff is actually pretty boring.
Not really feeling to well - emotionally, that is. I think I'll take a break then come back to writing later. At least until late January. Sorry.

Upon first glance, it would be impossible for anyone to recognize the contents of the gift - for you, it was just a strange mass of shapes and noise - but soon enough, realization struck with the force of a metal baseball bat.

You nearly dropped the cardboard right then and then, but doing so would have shattered the glass window of the wooden box inside, thereby destroying the one barrier keeping you and everyone else safe from the bees milling about in the case. So, naturally, you gave the second-best reaction possible.


And in that instant, everybody in the room stopped whatever they were doing or saying, and instead turned their attention - along with their startled and confused gazes - towards you. Embarrassment turned your face a dark red as your focus jumped from person to person, vaguely aware of the soft droning box in your hands.

"S-Sorry... Sorry, everybody,"

Thought your apology was mumbled and soft, it seemed to do the trick, and the conversations continued once again, until the noise around you seemed to mirror the noise in the case.

"Alright," you sighed to yourself, "That's it, I'm going home and I'm throwing this away,"

You marched off towards the cellar, planning to grab your bag and possibly leave the box in its stead, but your attempt at escape was quickly derailed when you heard an all-too familiar voice calling out your name.

"Hey," Lewis said, as he hurriedly approached you, "Is everything alright?"

Within a few swift strides, he was hanging over your shoulder, seeming to try and catch a glimpse of your present. The moment he noticed the box, though, he quickly took a step back, just in time for you to give him a cold glare.

"What is hell this?" you asked, showing him the box of bees - bees Lewis probably collected and bred over the summer. At the sound of your voice, he gave a nervous laugh and looked up at you before quickly turning his attention to the floorboards.

"Um... My White Elephant gift," he answered.

"It's bees," you said, "What on earth could have compelled you to make bees your White Elephant gift?"

"I don't know," he shrugged, still grinning nervously, "I just thought it'd be a funny idea. I genuinely didn't know you were going to get my gift, though,"

You could tell from the nervous smile on his face, that Lewis was desperately trying to lighten the mood, but ever since the night began, you had slowly gone from apathetic to skeptical, then skeptical to annoyed, and so on and so on, until you were just about ready to snap.

"Well, I'm leaving," you said bluntly, and the shock in Lewis' eyes showed that you had caught him off guard.

"What?" he asked

"I appreciated the invitation when you first asked me," you began, the bite in your voice growing harsher with every passing second, "But after tonight, I see how horrible of a mistake this was. So thank you for the bees, I will probably throw them out later tonight, and, please, when you consider inviting me to the next White Elephant party, just don't!"

To your surprise it seemed that your little rant had gone completely unnoticed by everyone around you - well, almost everyone. For a moment, Lewis simply stood in front of you in shock, the voices around you seeming to become a blur of white noise, but he was quick to give you a smile. The slight knit in his brow, however, was enough to show that you'd hit a nerve. Slowly, you began to consider the words you had just spouted out.

"I'm sorry," he sighed, still smiling, "I didn't know that you were having such an awful time; I wouldn't have had you stay for the gift exchange if I'd known. Well... I've got to go make sure that Simon doesn't get too drunk and do something stupid,"

You watched, silently, as he walked right past you and began to head back into the sea of people, before turning back to you, giving you a quick chance to catch the slightest hint of dejection in his smile.

"Happy Holidays," he said, before vanishing in the crowd.

The moment Lewis left your sight, all of the voices and commotion around you came back to life, bombarding you and making you feel even tinier than before.

"Shit," you grumbled to yourself, "...You fucking idiot,"

You would've continued belittling yourself until you finally left the party, were it not for a voice calling out your name.

"What was that all about?" Alsmiffy asked as he, Ross, and Trott eased their way out of a nearby crowd and were soon standing on either side of you.

"You were screaming bloody murder back there," Ross said, immediately slinging an arm over your shoulders and pulling you closer to him, "You must've gotten something really horrible. Was it porn?"

"It's bees," you answered, practically spitting out the words.

Trott inhales sharply, wincing as he did so, before looking at the case.

"Yep," he nodded his head, like a doctor talking to a terminally ill patient, "That's a box of bees if I've ever seen one,"

"Ooh," Alsmiffy said, instantly taking a closer look at the box, "Those are high-quality bees; pristine stock,"

"Great," you sighed, "I scream at him after getting a present that actually required effort,"

"Well if you don't want them," Ross began, fingers drumming against the top of the case mindlessly, "We could take them off your hands - free of charge,"

In all honesty, you weren't paying attention to what Ross was saying; you were too focused on trying to isolate a certain spaceman from the rest of the party. Sure, the party was as less than ideal experience for you, but that was no excuse to be such a horrible guest to the one person who seemed to want you there. It was too late to take back the words, but a proper apology was certainly in order. Now, the only problem was finding Lewis and getting the chance to talk to him. However, your plans were interrupted when you noticed the tapping of Ross' nails against the glass, you carefully pulled the box away from him.

"I'd rather you didn't," you answered, "Now, I'm sorry, but I have to find Lewis,"

You hurriedly walked away from the trio, their voice soon joining the rest of the drone that was the party, and began your search. Sadly, you had no idea where he might be, and every place you looked bore the same infuriating results, until you finally came across Simon and an extremely intoxicated Duncan sitting on a sofa alongside Kim and Sips. That's right, Lewis said he was going to check up on Simon, but it seemed that the spaceman was, once again, no where to be found.

"Hey, Simon!" you called out, quickly approaching the group of laughing people, "Have you seen Lewis? I've looked all over the place and I still can't find him,"

Stopping whatever story he was telling the others around him, Simon looked up to you in confusion.

"I think he said something about needing fresh air; he might be outside, then," he shrugged, though his expression quickly turned from indifference to curiosity, "Is everything alright? He seemed kind of down when I saw him,"

"I kind of acted like a jerk and I want to make sure he's alright," you sighed, though your guilt was soon replaced with confusion when you heard Duncan giggling. Of course, everyone turned their attention to the drunken scientist as he continued to laugh, occasionally hiccuping and snorting.

"Someone's got a crush," he sang with an alcoholic slur, "You like him,"

"Go home, Duncan, you're drunk," you replied without missing a beat, before turning on your heel and making your way to the entrance of the tavern. You weren't even fully outside, and yet the winter air was already biting away at your skin.

"Lewis!" you called out, "Are you out there? It's me,"

As you expected, you received no reply. With a sigh, you carefully tucked your present under the stairs - bringing a box of bees outside during the middle of winter probably wasn't a wise idea - and stepped out of the building.

The cold crashed down on you like a wave of icy water, and instantly you began to twitch and shiver, but you simply took in a breath and began to walk along the porch. And, sure enough, you finally came across Lewis, leaning against a support beam as he looked out into the snow-covered fields below.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, he looked up with a half-hearted gaze, which was quickly turned into surprise and confusion.

"I wanted to apologize for what I said," you said, "I guess it's kind of obvious that I'm not exactly a people-person. You were just being nice, and I shouldn't have snapped at you like that. So... yeah, sorry,"

His expression never changed from surprise, and you could feel the awkward tension begin to settle. Trying not to fidget, you sighed.

"I'll keep the bees, but, in all honesty, they'll probably die in my care... So, I guess I'll see you around then... Bye..."

And with that, you turned and walked away.

"They'll be alright,"

You stopped and turned, confused by Lewis' sudden outburst.

"The bees," he explained, "They have enough honey from the summer, and the queen won't start laying eggs until mid-February. Plus, the box is insulated, so the bees won't freeze to death on the way home. Which means you should have plenty of time to decide what you want to do with them,"

"I see..." I mumbled. You were thankful for that he had said something instead of simply letting you walk away, but it wasn't enough to stop the awkward silence from talking over once more.

"Well... thank you for telling me; I don't really know anything about bees. Maybe I'll do some research and keep them,"

"Do you like bees?" he asked, his voice curious but hesitant.

"I think they're certainly interesting," you shrugged, "Though I don't think people expect them as a Christmas present,"

You gave a slight grin and, to your surprise, Lewis chuckled at the joke.

"I really am sorry about yelling at you," you sighed, "I'm not really good with big crowds,"

"If you want, we could just stay here and talk,"

You had assumed that Lewis was simply making a joke, but the honest hesitance in his voice and his genuine smile made you grin.

"That sounds nice," you answered, though the mood was cut short when a breeze of wind passed by and chilled you to the bone. An involuntary shudder crawled out your throat and you felt yourself twitch.

"I should've brought my coat with me," you grumbled, "Hang on a second, I'll be right back,"

But before you could turn to leave, Lewis stepped forward and began to remove his coat.

"Here," he said, draping it over your shoulders, though he kept his hands on your shoulders before slowly stepping away.

"You know I can just get my jacket from the cellar," you said, heat slowly returning to your body and turning your face a light pink, "Besides, now you'll be cold,"

"I'll be fine; I'm used to the cold," his simile was confident, but you were less than convinced by the statement, "I'll just have a hot tea later to warm me back up,"

"Alright," you sighed, faint smell of ashy wood tickling your nose, "But don't come complaining to me if you get sick later,"

You spent the rest of the night standing outside in the not-as-freezing cold, simply talking and appreciating each other's company, and enjoyed every second of it. Time seemed to come to a standstill, but soon enough, you could see people leaving the tavern and the moon was disappearing behind the horizon.

"Ah well, I guess it's time to head home," you smiled and watched as Duncan and Kim flew off into the night sky. Lewis' jacket came off with ease and you handed it back to him, though the faint smell of smoke and pines still clung to your clothing. You smirked to yourself as he hurriedly put it on and kept his hands in his pockets. The two of you headed inside the mostly empty tavern and you quickly retrieved your jacket and your present.

"I'll see you around," you said after putting on your coat and picking up the box from the floor, "I'll try and take care of them as best as I can,"

"I'm sure they'll be fine," he smiled, "But maybe I can stop by and see how they're doing?"

"Sure thing," you nodded your head in agreement at the both of you stepped outside. You pause for a moment to enjoy the sight of fresh snow in the moonlight before carefully climbing down the stairs and starting the long trek home.


"I told you," you smirked, hanging Lewis another tissue, "I fucking told you. You should've just let me get my jacket,"

"I'm fine," he replied, quickly blowing his nose before resting his head on your kitchen counters, "It's just a little head-cold,"

"Bullshit," you chuckled, leaning against the other side of the counter , "You were out in the cold too long and you got some sort of virus,"

"But the cold weather doesn't just instantly give you a cold," he replied, lifting his head to look at you, "The cold just suppresses the immune system, it doesn't just make you stick if you stay outside for too long,"

"Regardless," you said, quickly pushing away and searching through the cupboards, "You're sick and you need something to make you feel better. Drink you're tea and I'll see what else I have,"

Lewis watched with bloodshot eyes as you continued to search through drawers and shelves until you finally returned with a victorious smirk and placed a jar on the counter in front of him.

"Honey?" he looked at you with a smile.

"It'll help with your throat," you explained simply.

"Are these from the bees?" he asked, uncapping the jar and pouring some honey into his tea.

"They seem to be enjoying themselves in the new apiary," you said, taking a seat beside him, "You know you didn't have to help me build it; you are sick,"

"It's alright," he took a drink of his tea before placing the mug back on the counter, "Consider it a thanks for taking care of me,"

"I guess that makes sense," you shrugged, "But maybe next time you should just save yourself the trouble and put on a jacket,"

"Shut up," he laughed and you just rolled your eyes.

"Make me," you teased.

"Alright then," he spoke in a strangely monotonous voice.

Then, before you could understand what Lewis meant, he leaned forward, placing a hand on the side of your face and turning you to face him, and pressed his lips against yours in a chaste kiss. He pulled away just as quickly as he had moved in, but the memory was sure to leave an impression in your mind. Lewis looked at you with a smile - probably amused by your dumbstruck expression - and you could taste a hint of sweetened tea on your lips.

"I probably shouldn't be kissing you on the lips," he said, smiling down at his cup, "After all, I am sick. You'll just have to wait,"

"Hang on a second,"

You turned his head towards you and practically smashed your lips against his, taking a quick note of the startled yelp he managed to get out before you pressed yourself against him in a honey-flavored kiss. When you finally let go of him, his face was a bright red and he was struggling to form words.

"Alright," you smiled, "No more kissing until you're better,"

Xephos x Reader - Sweet Anticipation
The first of many...

So, here's the first pairing (demanded by approximately two people). I apologize if I wrote Lewis out-of-character, I used to do writing for him but not a lot anymore. If you want to see any specific pairing next, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I'll post the next pairing up as soon as I can.

Prologue:A White 'Elephant' Christmas - Yogscast x Reader

To say you hated Christmas was certainly an overstatement; you didn't hate the holiday by any stretch of the means. You simply saw it as a waste of time, resources, and money, and provided little more than an excuse to have a chaotic party where guests could consume three times their weight in food and alcohol, leaving a terrible headache and a desecrated house for the unfortunate soul to wake up the next morning. The fondest holiday memories you could recall spanned back to your early childhood. Of course, the world always seems different in the shining doe-eyes of a child - or a child trapped in an adult body - where anything seems possible and dreams are just a wish away. It was more than easy to understand why people enjoyed the time from Christmas up to New Year's, but for you it was just a week where everybody you knew would be off from any actual work and, instead, stuffing themselves full and unwrapping overpriced gifts.

Apathetic, or indifferent, would be a better term to describe your opinion on the holidays.

However, it seemed that everyone you knew saw otherwise. Most of them you liked to consider friends or close acquaintances, at least, but their enthusiasm for the holidays had a less-than-infectious effect on your mood. Every December, you received an onslaught of letters and packages, all in an attempt to bring the merry Christmas cheer to your unwelcoming doorstep. Some of them were from your barely remembered relative scattered about, but the majority of the mail was from your neighbors, partners, and friends. Ranging from simple greeting cards to overpriced gift baskets, it seemed that for every package you received two more would be waiting for you the next day.

You enjoyed getting sweet treats and some of the gifts you genuinely appreciated, but there is such a thing as having too much of a good thing.

And so, here you were, spending another afternoon holed up in your base as snow continued to fall outside, trying to find something to keep yourself occupied with. Usually this was the part of your day where you would check up on your machines and make some very-needed repairs, but anything that needed fixing was handled days ago, and the mechanical noises that usually filled your base were no where to be found. You had already tended to your animals and crops, leaving you with absolutely nothing to do other than mindlessly wander about your home.

Nothing to make, nothing to break, nothing to fix, nothing to destroy.


You were just about to let out a dramatic and prolonged sigh, when suddenly:


The sound of your cellphone abruptly interrupted your moping. Quickly pulling out your phone from your pockets, you checked the screen and read the name in front of you.


With a brow arched in skepticism, you answered the call and put the phone to your face.

"Hello, Lewis?"

"Hey there!" an overly enthusiastic voice called out from the speaker pressed against your ear, "I'm glad that you picked up; I've been really busy lately. So, how have you been?"

You paused for a moment before finally speaking.

"Lewis, are you seriously phoning me because you want to make small talk?"

"Um... No, not really..." he answered softly, just soft enough for you to hear voices in the background, no doubt Simon and Duncan, "I am curious, though, are you busy?"

"Not really," you answered, "It's been a slow week, what with people celebrating that holidays,"

"You're working on Christmas? Don't you ever take a break,"

"Occasionally," you shrugged, not bothering to clarify that "occasionally" was your definition of "never".

"Well, do you think you could take a break tonight?"

"Is something supposed to happen tonight?"

"Well, Sjin's throwing a party at the Laughing Demon. There'll be tons of food and drinks, and near the end of the night we'll exchange gifts with each other. Everyone's going to be there, and we were hoping that you'd come,"

"We" being everyone who has sense you anything in the past month, you assumed.

"I don't know," you combed your free hand through your hair in thought, "You know that I'm not a huge fan of parties and crowds. Not to mention, you're asking me to come to what is basically a White Elephant Gift Exchange and I don't have a present planned. I mean, I appreciate that you want me to be there, but I'd just dampen the mood,"

"That's not true at all," he lied, "I'm sure you'll have a great time and I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to come up with a good gift,"

"Look, I'll think about it, alright? I'm not promising I'll be there, I'm just considering it,"

"Alright," he sighed, "I guess I'll call later? The party's at six,"

"Okay," you sighed, "Talk to you later,"

With a single press of the button, you ended the call, before quickly resuming your interrupted noises of aggravation.

You spent roughly the next half-hour sitting on your sofa, contemplating on whether or not you should go to the party. On one hand, you'd be in a large building with a group of relatively friendly people with tons of food, drinks, and presents. On the other hand, it was a party that would no doubt be full of alcoholic nonsense and it was more than likely you'd be stuck surrounded by people making jokes you wouldn't laugh at. Still, the past few days had become increasingly stagnant, and a party would definitely be nice for a change. Perhaps, if luck was on your side, you could go to the party and leave with minimal awkward encounters and leave with your dignity mostly intact. What was the alternative to going to the party? Staying in your base, building, and gathering resources.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?" you chuckled to yourself, as you fiddled with your phone, scrolling through the numbers and names until you finally landed on Lewis' contact.


"Hello?" you heard after a few rings.

"Hey, Lewis, it's me," you said, "Listen, I'll be there, but the moment things get out of hand, I'm leaving, alright?"

"Great!" you heard an exasperated laugh while Simon and Duncan were busy yelling at each other in the background, "Okay, be sure to bring a gift, it probably shouldn't be anything too specific. Do you need someone to help you get to the farm?"

"I'll be fine," you answered, before a rather metallic crash was choked out of your phone, "Um... I think the others need you,"

"Y-Yeah," he sighed, "Um... The party's at six, again, and you can go straight for the pub in the back- Duncan, get away from that glass! Okay, um... We'll see you then. Got to go! Duncan, don't you dare break that glass!"

Eventually the yelling and background sounds blended into one large wave of static and noise, leaving you with a mix of suspicion and apprehension.

Suddenly you were back to wondering once again if you should go or not.

Getting a present was surprisingly easier than you feared it would be; rather than getting anything too extravagant, you had decided on a simple package of assorted sweets and trivial belongings - things you either received and didn't care for or put together with ease. A little uncaring, perhaps, but you simply had to be as general as possible, right? Wrapped up in simple red paper and tied together with a dark green ribbon, you had the box placed on a nearby table and looked up at the nearby clock and saw that it was a quarter to six.

With a winter jacket hastily put on, you quickly grabbed the present from the table and headed out the door to your base and into the freezing winter.

You could've flown to Sjin's Farm, but it was too dark and the snow was too heavy. So, instead, you had to result on trudging through the snow with a present carefully shield from the snow as you began a blessedly short trek to the party. Every time you stepped onto a patch of fresh snow, you could feel yourself begin to press against it and rise up from the rest of the ground, before your foot fell through and you sunk back into the freezing cold. Water began to leak into your shoes and the tips of your fingers were going numb, but soon you came across the familiar sight of a mahogany farm house, and not too far from that, you could see a large almost cathedral-like building with a large sign resting beside a thankfully shoveled path leading up to the stairs.

Laughing Demon

You spared a quick glance at the artwork of the sign before continuing on the gravel path, up the set of stairs, and into the tavern.

The moment you stepped inside, you were bombarded with all sorts of noises and the smell of fresh food. You quickly passed through the narrow gap between the large stairs leading to the upper floor of the tavern and into the heart of the building and instantly warmth began to slowly crawl back to your hands and you felt the snow dusting your shoulders slowly melt away. Christmas lights and tinsel were strewn about the walls while lamps and lanterns hung from the ceiling, creating a rustic glow. Tables rested against the left and right wall of the building, and on those tables were foods of all sorts. In front of you, you could see what might be the largest pine tree you'd ever seen, practically reaching the top of the ceiling. Tinsel, baubles, and all sorts of ornaments hung from its branches, some of them looked rather simple and possible homemade, while others looked more akin to extravagant pieces of jewelry, and underneath the lowest branches, was an assortment of presents.

Everywhere you looked, people were enjoying themselves at a surprisingly tame party. Perhaps it was the looming threat of a demon in the middle of the room breaking loose that kept everybody under control, or maybe they simply weren't drunk enough. Either way, you only had a few seconds to contemplate the risks of imprisoning a demon inside glass box before you suddenly felt a hand on your shoulder.

"You finally made it!" Lewis laughed, "For a second, I was worried that you wouldn't show up,"

"Well, here I am," you shrugged before gesturing to the present in your hands, "So I guess this goes underneath the tree,"

"You'd be correct," he nodded his head, before turning his attention to a familiar trio of lads crowded around the cadged demon, "Um... I've got to make sure that no one destroys this place, so... You can put your jacket in the cellar, and then feel free to have something to eat, something to drink; just enjoy yourself,"

"Alright," you said, watching as he quickly hurried over to Hat Films and quickly chased them away before they destroyed the glass.

You quickly shucked off your jacket and tossed it onto a pile of other coats waiting at the bottom of the stairs before stepping into the heart of the building and making your way over to the tree, where you saw a single person standing in front of the pile of presents.

"Hello, Martyn," you greeted as you stood beside him, starring at the boxes at your feet, "Wonder what you'll get tonight?"

"Not really," he answered, and at that moment you realized that he wasn't looking at the presents. He was looking at the tree.

"Did you help decorate it?" you asked, noticing the beaming smile on his face.

"Put down all of the lapis blocks," he answered, "And I grew it and trimmed all of the branches. It's a pretty impressive tree?"

"I guess," you answered, "I mean... I'm not a huge nature expert, but it's big,"

"You should've seen us, trying to get this thing to fit inside... And, that's what she said,"

"Brilliant," you sighed, letting a small smirk curve your mouth up.

"Well, I'm gonna get some eggnog. I hope you enjoy the party,"

"Thanks," you said, watching as he walked off into the crowd of people. With Martyn now gone, you turned your attention back to the box in your hands and the boxes at your feet.

Presents of all sorts and sizes were placed under the tree, decorated in a spectrum of colors and patterns. Most of them were wrapped with shinning paper and metallic ribbons, but a few of them were simply covered in simple wrapping paper with a stick-on bow, and one present was a buckled cardboard box very hastily wrapped with torn paper and lopsided ribbons. Probably Sips'. At the thought of all of the presents in front of you, curiosity overcame you.

What sorts of presents did the others bring? Would Lewis - or whoever was in charge of the party - allow people to steal multiple gifts? People would probably would trade presents by the end of the night, regardless. Which present would you have by the end of the night?

Not wanting to dwell too long on the subject of presents, you quickly wedged your present between two larger boxes and hurried to get some food and water.

The smells of different foods and spices mingled in the air, creating a delectable aroma that seemed to be only intensified by the actual array of food at the tables. A hearty Christmas feast was laid out, free for anybody to simply walk up and take whatever they wanted, and as the line progressed, the food changed from savory dinner to sweet desserts, and at the very end of the table was a platter of fresh fruit and a chocolate fountain.

"See anything you like?"

You turned to see who was talking to you, and soon you were face-to-face with a familiar architect-turned-farmer-turned-police.

"Ah, Sjin," you smiled, "Happy Holidays. Jeez, this place is amazing. Did you actually make all of this food?"

"Yep," he nodded his head proudly, "You should try the potatoes - the chillies add an extra kick,"

"Did you put chillies in every food?"

"Um... maybe," he mumbled with a nervous laugh, "But, in my defense, the chillies really add a kick to the chocolate,"

"Great," you sighed, "I think I'll just have something to drink,"

"Alright then," he grumbled with a convincing pout before walking off. Perhaps you'd try some of the food later, but for now all you really needed was a glass of water. So, you turned away from the buffet tables and instead turned your attention to the enclosed demon and the bar surrounding it. You took a seat beside Duncan, who seemed to be on his second tankard of ale already, and watched as Nilesy approached you.

"Can I get you anything?" he asked with that same carefree smirk.

"I'll just have a water," you said.

"Alright then," he said, quickly turning to grab a glass flask of water, "Here you go,"

"Thanks," you said, taking the glass from him.

"Another beer!" Duncan called out.

You both turned your attention to the scientist beside you. His face was decorated with splotches of red and pink, and he was constantly brushing his hair out of his face as he toyed with the tankard in front of him.

"Maybe you should stop drinking," Nilesy said warily, "At least for now..."

"Ah, c'mon," he laughed, "Just one more drink?"

You watched as Nilesy struggled to come up with a good way to deny yet another drink, but it seemed like his stumbling words only made Duncan all the more irritated.

"I don't know, Duncan," you finally sighed, dreading the likely possibility of being stuck with a drunk mad scientist, "Why don't you just lay off the drinks for a little while. Get something to eat before you get too drunk,"

He turned to look at you, the focus in his eyes showing that he probably had only one or two drinks, but you knew all too well how quickly that number could spiral out of control.

"Fine," he sighed resting his arms against the bar as he leaned to one side. Eventually, he pushed himself off of the bar stool and lazily made his way to the tables of food. Hopefully he wouldn't do something to stupid. You turned back to Nilesy, who gave you a thankful smile, and you just shrugged.

Taking the glass of water in one hand, you slid off of your barstool and began to wander about the tavern aimlessly, secretly hoping for a peaceful corner for you to enjoy the company of yourself. Maybe you could just sit outside on the porch or maybe you could just lounge about the farm house. It's not like anybody would notice if you slipped away. You continued to contemplate the possible escape routes you could take, too wrapped up in your thoughts to notice the mon standing directly in your path. It was only when you heard a grumbled curse did you realize that you had just walked right into him and spilled some of your drink on his shirt..

"Hey, watch it," the man said, turning to properly insult you, "It isn't easy to get stains out of these shirts,"

"Sorry," you sighed, instantly recognizing the man as a rather irritated William Strife ready to belittle you. But before he could spout any complaints or insults, an arm wrapped around his shoulders and Parvis quickly slid beside him.

"Don't be so harsh, Strife," he smiled, "It's the holidays; there's no need to be rude. Besides, it's just water. It's not like you're going to melt,"

"Regardless," the blond said quickly peeling Parvis' arm off of his shoulders, "I don't exactly enjoy having drinks poured on me,"

"I just bumped into you," you snapped, "It's not like I threw water at your face,"

Though you would be more than happy to oblige.

"Fine. Sorry, or whatever," Strife sighed and looked away, while Parvis merely gave a cocky grin.

"That wasn't so hard, was it?" he asked, "Now kiss and make up,"

"I'll pass," you sighed, quickly walking off before you could do something you'll regret tomorrow.

Eventually, you found a mostly corner of the tavern which seemed to be darker, colder, and the most isolated part of the entire building. Perfect.

With a relieved sigh, you quickly seated yourself in a plush green chair, practically sinking into the cushions. You had just let yourself lean back and close your eyes, when you suddenly noticed a shadow looming over your. When you opened your eyes again, the first thing you noticed was a rather smug grin.

"Hello, Ridgedog," you said, not bothering to move from your seat.

"Why're you sitting by yourself?" he asked in a tone that was either condescending or purely curious.

"Because I like to sit by myself," you answered simply.

"Well... I was going to sit here,"

You looked up at him with the most apathetic expression you could muster as you studied his face - noting the needy shining in his eyes.


That was all you said, and watched as his expression falter a little.

"If you want to sit, you can take a different chair, but I'm not moving for you,"

"You're no fun," he sighed, eventually seating himself on the sofa beside you, "So, what're you doing?"

"Trying not to kill myself,"

In that little corner, you had hoped to achieve some sense of peace and tranquility, but it seemed that any piece of mind you had was immediately ripped out of your clutched by Ridgedog. He merely lounged beside you, asking you the occasional question or telling a trivial story. Either way, he wasn't going to leave you alone.

By the time he finally got bored of pestering you and went off to bother someone else, it was nearing eleven and you were more than ready to head home, where you would collapse in your bed and then proceed to barricade your doors and board up your windows the following day. But, before you could even get up to retrieve your jacket from the cellar, you heard the familiar sound of someone taping a fork against a glass.

"Can I have your attention?" he called out, tapping his glass a few more times until all of the talking and commotion had completely died down.

"Thank you," he said, putting the glass and fork on a nearby table, "Now, I realize that it's getting late and some of you are ready to head on home, but there's one more thing to do before you can leave. We have to do the White Elephant Gift Exchange,"

You didn't even bother trying to suppress the aggravated sigh.

Soon, everybody was gathered around the gaudily decorated Christmas Tree and grabbed a single slip of paper from a bucket. With a roll of your eyes, you shoved your hang into the bucket and pulled out a single slip of paper, which had the number 24 written down. After doing a quick head-count, you soon realized that there were exactly twenty-three other people in the room, leaving you as the last person to pick a present. Just your luck.

Realizing that you'd probably have to wait a while before you could claim a gift, you trudged back to your arm chair and unceremoniously fell into the seat.

And so, Lewis began to call out number after number, as with every number, someone would step forward, either taking a present under the tree or a present already claimed by someone else. It took quite a decent amount of arguing, choosing, and even a good chase between Ross and Alsmiffy - and then a chase between Alsmiffy and Trott - but, eventually, it was finally your turn.

"Number twenty-four!"

"That's me," you said, your voice lacking any enthusiasm or happiness. You rose to your feet and made your way over to the tree, and took note of the single present lying underneath the branches. You turned back to the people around you, each one holding a wrapped up box, but honestly you didn't care. You'd just grab the very last present and leave. If you decided to take someone else's present, you'd be stuck here for another ten minutes while people argued over who wanted what. So, you quickly grabbed the box from underneath the tree and looked to Lewis. The slight flinch in his expression was enough to satisfy you.

"Um... A-Alright then," he said, giving you an occasional nervous glance, "That's the end of the White Elephant Gift Exchange. Feel free to enjoy some more food and drinks, but we will be ending the party soon. Uh..." he looked back to you one last time before facing the rest of his audience, "I hope you've had fun, and if you need anything come talk to me or Simon,"

With that, the spaceman hurriedly walked away from the crowd of onlookers, a small present in his hands, as he quickly made his way to his Dwarven friend. Eventually the small mob dispersed once again into small clusters of people, leaving you in the center of the room with a box in your hands.

All night you had dreaded being trapped in the Laughing Demon for Christmas, and with the party practically over, you could just go straight home from here and open the present tomorrow - or simply throw it away. But your curiosity had already been piqued.  You could just take a quick peek and then go home, and if it was something good, you should probably just thank whoever bought it. Of course, if it was something terrible, you could just give it to someone else or punch someone in the face. Either way, it's not as though a few wasted minutes would cost you much with the holidays still enabling any actual work.

With a silent prayer, you began to tear away at the paper and tape, leaving you with a plain cardboard box. Prepared for the worst and hoping for the best, you moved away the flaps and looked inside.

Yogscast x Reader - A White 'Elephant' Christmas
While I don't celebrate any particular holiday, I decided that I'd try and give you all a little gift for the hoidays. A complicated little story depicting how you might spend Christmas with your favorite Yogmembers.

So, what did you get for Christmas, and whoes present did you recieve?

Parings will be posted every few days.

Happy Holidays!

Lewis x Reader - Sweet Anticipation: Xephos x Reader - Sweet Anticipation

You looked down at the luggage in front of you, taking note of the compacted mass of various belongings, and tried to go through a mental checklist of all of your belongings. It was still early in the day and Mark wouldn't be coming to pick you up for another forty-five minutes, but you didn't forget anything important, so you had spent the past few minutes re-organizing your luggage.

Clothes? Check.

Toiletries? Check.

Medicine? Check.

Papers? Check.

Extra clothes? Check.

What else could you be possibly be forgetting?


"My laptop, duh,"

You sighed and quickly made a beeline into your office, mentally scolding yourself as you snatched up your laptop from the table along with the necessary chords, cables, and your messenger bag. They trailed behind you, bouncing off of the floor as you walked, until you finally placed your electronics onto the sofa and began packing away the last of your belongings.


You quickly snatched your phone from on top of your clothes and held it to your face.


"Hey, there," you heard Kim say, "So I'm here with Sjin and Turps, and we're on our way. Are you ready?"

"Just about," you answered, closing and zipping up your luggage. You sighed as you had to force the lid down long enough to close it completely. "Ugh... I can't believe we have to leave so soon,"

"GDC is early this year," Kim said with, you could imagine, a shrug, "We've got to leave early so we can get to San Francisco with time to relax. Just be glad the actual expo's only for a few days; then we have a week to do all of the sightseeing and walking around afterwards. But between you and me, I don't think Turps is looking forward to the hills,"

"I guess," you sighed, "These next few days are going to be pretty hectic, aren't they?"

"Well at least they'll be sunny and fun,"

You chuckled with an agreement as you grabbing your bags and moved them to the door, quickly grabbing a jacket from the closet and putting it on. After a good day of researching, you'd finally made a short list of some of the things to see while you were in San Francisco, along with the weather reports and a few restaurants around the hotel the four of you are staying at. It was more than likely you wouldn't be able to see everything in the span of the week, but hopefully you could find the time to do some of the exciting stuff. A smile formed as you imagined stepping off of the plane and being greeted with a brightly shining sun and warm air. Perhaps you could spend a day at the beach - the last time you got to enjoy a sunny day at the beach was two summers ago.


The sudden ring of your doorbell was enough to snap you out of your thoughts and you quickly turned towards the door, opening it and smiling when you saw Paul standing in front of you.

"Hey," he smiled, "Ready to go?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," you answered, grabbing you luggage in one hand and slinging you bag over your other shoulder before stepping outside.

With all of the lights in your house turned off, you closed and locked the door behind you before grabbing your luggage once again and hurrying to a familiar-looking car waiting on the side of the street. Practically tossing your belongings into the trunk, you slammed the lid down and flung the door to the backseats open.

"Wow," Kim laughed as your enthusiasm as you slid in beside her and closed the door with a slam, "Someone's in a hurry,"

"Well this is the first time I get to see the sun in a year," you joked.

"Alright then," Mark said, checking the mirrors as Paul stepped into the passenger's seat, "We're going to San Francisco!"

"To the airport!"

And with that, you were off.

The trip to the airport wasn't terribly long - the clocks and your watch told you that the entire drive took roughly forty-five minutes -  and getting through security wasn't too much of a hassle, but your impatience to finally reach San Francisco along with the pure tediousness of going through all of the lines and having your bags checked left you feeling both anxious and brain-dead.

By the time you had finally reached your plane's gate, you were about ready to pass out from boredom.

"I hate waiting in lines," you sighed, falling down into a chair as you rested your belongings in front of me.

"Well we still have to go through customs when we get to San Francisco," Mark said with a chuckle, "And after that I'm pretty sure GDC will have a lot of line-waiting,"

"It's Game Developers' Conference, not E3 or BlizzCon,"

"Just because it's not a convention for games specifically doesn't mean it won't be busy,"

"Meh," you groaned, waving him off, "I'll deal with the crowds when the time comes. Until then, I'm gonna take a nap,"

"Alright then," he sighed, "I'm going to get something to eat, does anybody need anything?"

"I actually need to use the bathroom," you heard Paul say, "I'll be right back,"


The two men walked off, the tapping of their feet soon blending into the background noise of conversations and other footsteps, leaving you with closed eyes and a wandering mind.

"So," you heard Kim ask, "What are you looking forward to the most? The weather? The sights? The convention?"

"I don't even know," you said with the vaguest hint of a smile on your face, "I just... can't wait to see it all..."

As you let your body sink into you seat, all of the frantic packing and running around finally began to take its toll on you. Thoughts of clear blue skies and sunny beaches began to fade into your mind as you slowly dozed off.

Ten minutes later, you groggily awoke to Kim softly shaking your shoulder.

"C'mon," she smiled, "It's time to board,"


Grabbing your belongings, you leapt to your feet and quickly followed after Mark and Paul as the four of you handed the man at the gate your tickets.

The moment you stepped onto the plane, you turned to walk down the carpet path and widened your eyes at the seats in front of you. Each seat was its own personal cubicle a lush convertible chair along with a little window which - you could only assume - would roll down, allowing you to talk to the person beside you. There was enough room for a person to freely stretch their legs and give an exaggerated yawn, and sitting on the chairs you could see a small package of various treats and products carefully wrapped up with a ribbon, resting on top of a soft dark blue blanket and downy pillow.

With a heavy heart, you quickly walked past the Business Class seats and began searching for your paid seat.

"Jesus," you sighed, "Did you see those seats? They looked like something out of a science-fiction utopia,"

"I know," Mark laughed, "Talk about fancy. But those tickets aren't cheap, and neither was our hotel. Maybe next time you can pay for the tickets and we can all get our own little sleeping pods, but until then, we'll just have to settle for Premium Economy,"

"I'm not complaining," you shrugged, quickly sliding into your seat right beside the window and placing your messenger bag underneath the seat in front of you, "I mean, it's better than trying to cram three people together and having someone kicking your seat,"

As Mark quickly placed his bag in the overhead and joined the seat beside you, the last of the passengers began to hurry down the aisles and take their seats.

"So," you heard Paul said as his head popped out from the seats in front of you, "Are you guys excited?"

"Yep," you answered with a smile, before interrupting yourself with another yawn.

"Aw, did someone not get enough sleep last night?" Kim smiled as she poked her head out beside Paul, but you just turned in your seat.

"Shut up," you grumbled, though felt your head lower and you eyes close, and the drone of the flight attendants rambling didn't help. Thankfully, when the plane began to shake and grumble from the engines, you eyes opened and you jolted awake from the noise.

"Here we go," you smiled as the plane began to move about the runway. As yet another yawn crawled out of your throat, you searched through your pockets before you finally fished out your phone along with a pair of plastic earbuds. After switching your mobile onto 'Airplane Mode', you put on the earbuds and chose a song at random, just as the plane began to leave the ground. Unable to stop smiling, you looked out the window and watched as the airport, began to disappear along with the roads, trees, buildings, and rivers.

Soon, you were high above the ground, watching as cotton clouds lazily floated by.

If home is where the heart is
Then my heart is lost a sea

Though you were probably moving at some-hundred nautical miles per hour, but when you looked out the window, it looked as though the plane was cruising at a snail's pace. Soon, you began to feel an ache in your neck and it was growing difficult to keep your eyes open.

"I'm gonna take a nap," you grumbled to Mark as you reclined your chair, "Don't wake me up unless we're either in San Francisco, or crash landing,"

And I, I have built my palace
Where the sand and waters meet

You heard something along the lines of a chuckle from mark before you finally let your head fall against the wall and you began to nod off Thankfully the flight was a non-stop one, so you had plenty of time to rest - even though you'd probably get horrible jet lag later on. Regardless, the rumbling of the plane and idle conversations around you began to to turn into a soft hum, singing you to sleep. It wasn't long before you finally fell asleep.

You awoke some time later when you heard the voice of an approaching flight attendant as he asked people if they wanted anything to eat or drink.

"Can I get you two anything?" the man asked as he finally stopped in front of you and Mark.

"I'll just have a water," you mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

"Same here," Mark said, giving a slight nod to the man.

"Alright then," he said before walking off and to the people behind you.

"So," you grumbled as you tried to straighten up in your seat, "Do we have an exact plan for when we get to GDC?"

"Well, we should probably go see the Independent Game Festival and the Choice Awards and get some footage for those. There are also something called the "You've got Game Show!", and I definitely think we should go to "Doing it on the Table," It's just a place where people hang around and play table-top games,"

"Brilliant," you chuckled.

I've been living on this island
I saw you pass me by

The rest of the flight to America was pretty uneventful. Beside occasionally playing a game or talking to Mark, Kim, and Paul, you would occasionally fall asleep before waking up again. By the time the plane had finally reached San Francisco, it was clear that you were getting a bit anxious to get out of your seat and do something.

"I hope customs won't take too long," you sighed, grabbing your bag from underneath Paul's seat and slinging it over your shoulder, sparing a quick glance out the window and taking note of the night sky, "I can't wait to see everything,"

"Hopefully it won't take too long," Mark said as he rose from his seat and stepped out into the aisle to grab your bags,"

Calling out to me
Hope within your eyes

"This is GDC, though," Kim said as she and Paul slid out of their seats as well, "I'm sure there are a lot of people coming from over countries,"

"Great," you sighed, dragging your luggage behind you as the four of you began to leave the plane.

Love is an adventure
I'll take my chance on you

Much to your dismay, waiting in customs seemed to take just as long as the actual plane ride to get to San Francisco. You stood impatiently among the line of other people waiting to have your passport stamped, as you slowly began to inch closer and closer to the people waiting at the gates.

Eventually, you found yourself standing in front of a rather bored-looking woman as you handed over your passport and forms. She had an apathetic expression on her face as she scanned your belongings, making you grow somewhat anxious.

To your relief, however, the woman finally grabbed a nearby stamp, turned to a blank page in your passport, and stamped the paper.

"Enjoy your time in America," she handed back your belongings and she spoke in a warm tone quite contradictory to her icy glare.

On you...

You smiled as you put away your papers and quickly joined the three people waiting for you on the other side of the gates.

Rio, France, meet me in Mexico
Chinatown then off to Tokyo
It doesn't matter 'cause anywhere's perfect with you

Soon, you found yourself with your luggage in your trunk of a taxi along with Kim, Mark, and Paul's as the four of you managed to squeeze yourself into a rather claustrophobic taxi as the four of you slowly drove away from the airport and onto the roads of San Francisco.

Around you, you could hear the three talking to each other excitedly, while you simply stared out at the world passing you by. While you certainly weren't in the heart of the city, you could already see the obvious difference between here and Bristol. Though it was nearing midnight, the sky seemed to be alive with all sorts of lights, stars, and colours. You could just vaguely differentiate between the faded blues of clouds and the dark navy of the night sky, and fleeting right pasty your eyes was an array of trees, bushes, and plants, seemingly waving as you drove by. Of course you were used to seeing plants along the side of a road, but they were often a bit droopier and on the left rather than the right.

You had just began to contemplate why people drive on the right lane when you felt someone tap your shoulder.

"Are you listening to what we were saying?" Kim chastised you as you turned away from the window to face your fellow passengers, "We were talking about what we want to do after we get to the hotel. If you don't pay attention, there'll be a quiz later"

You simply smirked and rolled your eyes.

City lights, colours of indigo
Sun or snow, don't matter where we go
It'll be perfect 'cause it's so amazing with you

Gradually, busy streets and enormous buildings took the place of the narrow highways and lush flora that surrounded the road, and soon enough you found yourself right outside a rather brightly-lit, expensive-looking hotel.

"Alright then," the driver said as Paul opened the door, allowing him to slid out with Kim following after, "We're here; San Francisco Marriott Marquis, right? That'll be $48.39,"

"Jeez," Mark sighed as he began digging through his pockets for - you could only assume - a credit card. Meanwhile, you opened the other door to the taxi and quickly stepped out, feeling the instant relief from stretching your legs, as you joined Paul and Kim at the trunk and began to remove your bags. The night air had a slight chill to it, but with all of the lights and sounds around you, you could hardly tell it was night.

After begrudgingly paying the driver, Mark stepped out of the taxi and the four of you walked into the bright hotel - thankfully it was rather close to the where the conference was being held, so hopefully it wouldn't be too much of a hassle to get to the expo center.

It was a rather flamboyant building, seeming to stretch higher than any of the other buildings around, and the last of the floors were made with all glass walls while the building seemed to reach the ground in tiers - like some modern version of the pyramids.

We're singing
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

You stepped into an equally modernized lobby which reminded you of being in a strange art museum, with the cubic design and uncomfortable furniture. Hopefully the beds wouldn't be the same. As you followed Mark to the main desk of the lobby, your mind began to remember.

Memories of nervously stepping into a hotel lift, wearing that unbearable dress and having your face choking on a vanity's worth of cosmetics. Memories of reaching the hotel's ballroom and instantly having all of the noise crash down on you like a ton of bricks while people laughed, danced, and talked amongst each other. Memories of instantly recognizing Paul out of an entire room's worth of people and instantly forgetting about all of the noise and light. Memories of being scared, angry, hopeful, and heartbroken.

You sighed. Memories; that's all they were and that's all they ever will be. Accepting that fact was more than doable, but it still hurt - just a little.

"Alright, I've got our keys," you heard Mark call out, instantly stopping your inner monologue so you could properly pay attention to what your friends had to say. The four of you continued to discuss the different plans as you all entered a lift up to the fifth floor.

"So Sjin and I will be in room 538, and you two ladies will be in 537," Mark explained as you stepped out of the lift and into the hallway, "And we've got free Wi-Fi because of something called the "Rewards Status". We've got all of tomorrow to just relax and get our bearings, and then the next day we start GDC. Do we all know what we're doing tomorrow,"

"Unpacking, doing some sightseeing, and posting some footage of us around the city," Kim shrugged nonchalantly as you both took a card from a little envelope Mark handed her.

"Exactly," Mark smiled, handing Paul a card from a separate envelope, "And absolutely no TripAdvisor. Now; I think our rooms are this way,"

Home is where the heart is
And my heart is in your hand

"I thought I said "NO TRIPADVISOR"!"

You couldn't help but smirk at hearing Mark complain as he trudged behind you.

"Yeah," Kim answered, "But this isn't TripAdvisor, this is TouristEye. It's so much better, don't you agree?"

"No!" Mark answered bluntly, "Nothing about climbing up hills with TouristEye is better than climbing up hills with TripAdvisor,"

"Yeah, but this time you're being lead by me. Now let's get moving, we've got another four blocks to go!"

With an aggravated half-sigh half-groan, Mark hung his head and continued walking behind Kim, while you simply watched with the smuggest grin you could muster.

"He's never going to forgive me for recording this," Paul laughed, holding up his camera to properly film Mark sulking.

"I think he will," you answered, the two of you walking side-by-side, "It'll just take a lot of apologizing. And maybe a stair-lift,"

And you, you can build your kingdom
In the center of this life

Not wanting to stray too far from the hotel, the four of you decided to visit nearby sights only. Of course, you were just happy to be walking about without needing a heavy jacket. Most of the 'tour' consisted of walking around unknown streets, stopping every now and then for a good picture, and then eventually reaching some equally unknown park and taking a few more pictures.

Mark was clearly underwhelmed by the so-called tour.

You didn't now when, but eventually you found yourself sitting in yet another taxi - since Mark had officially given up an walking up and downhill - and you were being driven down the roads to the next stop in the tour. It wasn't long before the taxi came to a halt, and you smiled when you looked outside and were instantly greeted with the sight of a bright beach and crashing waves.

And I am stepping off this island
Never looking back

"What's our next stop, Kim?" you asked, and she turned to you with a grin.

"The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. And, best of all, it's free,"

After quickly paying the driver a surprisingly small fee, you all quickly hopped out of the car and onto the sidewalk right beside a rather aged road of wooden boards.

"C'mon," Kim laughed as she, Mark, and Paul began walking off.

You're my only home...

You smiled and instantly responded by quickly following after the three people walking down the beach

Rio, France, meet me in Mexico
Chinatown, then off to Tokyo
It doesn't matter 'cause anywhere's perfect with you

"Ah," you sighed in relief as you breathed in the smell of sea salt and food, "I could get used to this,"

"Well don't get too comfortable," Mark laughed, "This stuff costs money, and we still have a conference to attend to for the next few weeks,"

"I know," you answered, "But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves a little,"

"You make it sound like attending GDC won't be enjoyable," Kim smirked.

You smirked and rolled your eyes.

City lights, colours of indigo
Sun or snow, don't matter where we go
It'll be perfect 'cause it's so amazing with you

"I never said that," you laughed, "I'm just saying that we should enjoy this free time while we have it. C'mon, let's get something to eat,"

"I could actually go for some food," Paul shrugged, "Do you see anything good around?"

"It all kind of looks like fast food," you said, eyes scanning through the various shops and booths, before you finally spotted a fairly popular-looking building decorated as a sort of tropical barbecue.

"That looks nice," you pointed out, "Let's check it out,"

"Okay," Mark shrugged, "But if it costs too much, then you're paying,"

We're singing
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Soon, you found yourself seated right outside the restaurant beside Kim and across from Paul, enjoying a rather large plate of grilled fish of some sort.

"Could use some more spice," you shrugged, swallowing a bite.

"I think American food is just, by default, milder than British food," Kim nodded her head in agreement, eating her food, "It's still good, but it's not great,"

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

To your relief, the meals were decently priced and you wouldn't have to starve yourself for the next week to pay, though you did feel as though your purse had suddenly gotten lighter.

"Alright then," you said, "Shall we head back to the hotel now?"

"Yeah," Kim said, staring up at the now deep orange-coloured sky, "It's getting pretty late and we have to get up early,"

"It feels like noon for me," you sighed, "I guess that's what I get for sleeping on the plane... Oh well,"

The four of you continued to talk, joke, and laugh amongst each other as you reached the entrance to the boardwalk once again and quickly hailed a taxi. As you made your way back to the hotel, you found yourself once again staring out the windows, watching as the city slowly light up just as the sun began to vanish. By the time the taxi stopped, all of the street lights were on along with any neon signs or any other attention-grabbing lights. You stepped into the hotel once again, sparing a quick glance outside.

Santa Fe, Chile, Romania
Africa, then to Australia
It doesn't matter 'cause anywhere's perfect with you

"I'm not tired enough to go to sleep," you sighed once you and Kim were back in your room. You dramatically flopped onto your freshly made bed and let your body sink into the mattress.

"Well, if you don't get enough sleep, you'll wake up tomorrow and hate being at GDC," Kim sighed, typing away at her laptop,"You should probably just wash up and try to relax,"

"Maybe," you admitted, sitting upright and looking around the room.

Just like the rest of the building, it had a rather modernized cubic look to it, not that it bothered you. It was furnished just like any other guest room, with two beds, a fancy washroom, and a large window with a few of the world below.

Open skies, freedom is beautiful
Rain or show, no matter where we go
It'll be perfect 'cause it's so incredibly true

A few minutes later, you were dressed in your sleepwear, had brushed your teeth and washed your face, but it was evident that you weren't the tiniest bit tired. You sat back down on your bed and glanced out the window. By now, any daylight had completely disappeared, leaving bright man-made light in its stead.

It'll be perfect 'cause it's so amazing with you

You smiled at the view.

We're singing
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Despite the urge to stay awake and watch television or play a game, you crawled into bed and tried to make yourself as comfortable as possible, practically tackling and trapping the nearby pillows into a bear hug.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

You didn't exactly love San Francisco, but you loved the sights. As much as you enjoyed the quaintness of your home in Bristol, a part of you absolutely adored the bright lights and warm air of California. It reminded you of those beautiful photographs of brightly lit cityscapes and technological utopias. You knew that you wouldn't have the chance to go properly swimming, but you still enjoyed the thought of walking down the shore or dunking your feet in a pool. Eventually, you fell asleep, still dreaming of buildings lit by twilight and bright colours.

The next day, you were still dreaming of lights and colours, but it was less like a surreal dream in bed and more like a comatose daydream as you lazily walked about the Moscone Convention Centre.

"C'mon," Kim sighed as she, Paul, and Mark continued to march on ahead of you, "We're going to be late,"

"I'm coming, I'm coming," you groaned, before you were rudely interrupted by your umpteenth yawn that day.

You had slept better than you had imagined you would, but that wasn't exactly saying anything too spectacular. It was only half-past-ten, and more than anything you wanted to lay down on the carpeted floor and curl up into the smallest ball possible. Maybe you could find a cafeteria or a lounge to hang around while the others were busy filming. It's not like you'd be gone for the entire day, you'd just take a little nap to recharge your battery, and then you'd be ready to continue the day. Sure, you were going to be a creature of the night by the time you got back to Bristol, but at least you wouldn't be the walking dead.

You blinked and rubbed away the oncoming sleep from your eyes before quickly shaking yourself awake. While it worked, you knew that you'd probably be fast asleep again within the next few minutes.

"Hey guys," you sighed, "How about I find a place to rest, and then we can meet up later?"

You paused, expecting a sigh or an 'Okay', but instead all you could hear was the jumbled mess of other people talking. It took a moment for the wires in your sputtering brain to connect, but finally you realized that Kim, Mark, and Paul were nowhere in sight.

"Shit," you grumbled, before quickly opening your messenger bag and pulling out a map of the convention center along with a pen.

"Mark wanted to go to the Session at Hall E, 134... Or was it Hall A?"

You continued to stare at the map in front of you for a solid fifteen minutes, trying to recall the decided route, but eventually you decided that you would just head to the nearest information desk and call one of them, it was probably a better idea than simply wandering around a convention center for a good two hours, but just as you began walking - reaching down to put away your papers, you walked right into someone.

You reached out a hand to grab something in some attempt to steady yourself, but in your drunken state you ended up grabbing the person you walked into, and simply pulled them towards you. The two of you collided heads before falling onto the ground.

"Ow..." you heard the person say, among the different voices around you, you could just barely note that the voice was a man's.

"Oh God," you groaned, "I am so sorry! I should've looked where I was going. Augh... I'm gonna feel that in the morning,"

"Hang on a second..."

You mentally groaned to yourself. He was probably going to start yelling at you, or maybe you caused him to drop something important. You began to list off the worst possible outcome from this little collision, but just as you began to dread security coming to escort you out, you felt a hand on your forehead.

You instantly opened your eyes in shock and looked up at the person in front of you. A young man, probably a year or two younger than you, with black hair and dark green eyes. He looked at you in confusion as he removed your hand from your head, while you were silently screaming at yourself.

"I recognize you..." he mumbled, his brow knitting together in concentration before instantly raising in shock.

"Oh my God! You're from the Yogscast!"

Oh boy.

Sjin x Reader - Tokyo
A/N: I DID IT! I finally did it! Oh God... I am SO sorry for how long it took to write this one. Normally I would blame writer's block or not knowing which song to use, but in all honesty it was just my pure laziness. Hopefully, the copious number of words should help you feel a little better about the wait, thought I apologize that things began to get a bit repetitive or pointless. I needed enough details to go with the song, but still enough important plot pieces. Anyways, starting next chapter, we begin more interesting conflict! OooOooOooh!

Now if you'll please excuse me, I need to go collapse form exhaustion.
First off, I want to apologize for not posting anything new recently; there's really no good explanation as to why I haven't posted something. I'm still working on the next Sjin x Reader chapter - it's a bit of a dull one in my opinion, but it'll get more interesting as the plot progresses. Really I just need to bite my tongue and get writing. Thankfully with winter coming (soon be cardigan weather), I'll have plenty of time to write, relax, and indulge and pure laziness.

Secondly, I'm considering entering an Original Character Tournament, so I might have to hold off on the Reader-Inserts for a while - audition deadlines are next year and I need to get to work if I actually want to make it into the tournament. Sorry.

Thirdly... Um... I've got some other scraps of Reader-Inserts lying around, so I may post those in my free time. Also, if you want me to write some sort of fanfiction for you, then by all means comment or send me a message. Getting requests might help me get back into a working mode.

So that's all I wanted to say, I'm sorry that I've been inactive for so long, and I'll post the next Sjin x Reader as soon as possible.


Ian Moone
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